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This is what I spent most of my Sunday afternoon doing...

Organizing toys is a never-ending war in our house, but I feel I took a proactive step this weekend in winning the battle. Ever feel like you can't keep the games and puzzle pieces together because the kiddos just won't leave them alone or put them back?

Well this is my solution: One Rubbermaid pantry closet kit ($128 @ Lowes) installed on the wall in the play room. I put the stuff with lots of pieces up high and they have to ask for them which gives me more control.  I also put the crayons, markers and finger paint in the cloth cubes to get down when they ask, and therefore they can't get anything else out until they put it all back where it came from. Puzzles have their own cube and play-doh is out in the trash....just kidding, it has it's own cube too,  much to my dismay.
I wish I had a before picture, but I wasn't prepared, and how embarrassing that would have been anyway!
So, I hope this is something that is helpful for you. I know it is for us, even my babysitter was saying a hallelujah.

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