Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lavender K, Felt Flowers and Purple Tutus

A friend of mine asked me to take photos of her newborn (who isn’t here quite yet) in about 10 days. As you can imagine I’ve been watching every video and reading every article about photographing newborns that I could find. One thing I really want to do is take a photo with the baby’s initial in it (the baby’s name will be Kenslee, as long as the sonograms are all correct!) So this week I’ve been making a wall hanging with the nursery colors in it so that after we use it in the photos, Momma can take it home and hang it up as a keepsake. So here is how I did it..

I bought a letter from Hobby Lobby that I estimate is about 16 inches tall and 8 inches wide.


I also bought 3 pieces of scrapbook paper that had the colors of the nursery in them and then proceeded to tear them up in to several pieces. I then coated the letter in a liberal amount of Mod Podge and laid the paper all over it so it completely covered the whole letter and let it dry. Once it was dry, I trimmed the excess paper that was hanging off the edges and coated the whole thing with another coat of Mod Podge.


Once that layer dried, I sponged white paint around the edges so no brown would show and then I sponged a little white all over the letter and then wiped it off quickly to give it a “white-washed” effect. Once the white paint dried, I then gave it a light coat of glitter because… well, it’s me we’re talking about here. You know it’s gotta have sparkle.

While I was at Hobby Lobby, I picked up a couple sheets of felt..


…and I cut them into strips along the “long” side that was 1/2 inch wide. I then began rolling each strip to make a flower.


Try not to get too perfect while you roll the felt. The more uneven you roll it, the more it looks like a flower. I secured the free end with a straight pin. I proceeded to make about 20 to 25 of these in different sizes and set aside.

Then I cut about 15,  2 inch sections of ribbon.


I dabbed a dot of hot glue on the letter and placed the piece of ribbon it and let it dry. Then I carefully folded down the edges toward the middle and secured with more hot glue.


This will be the “leaf” of the flower.

Just start building the leaves and flowers until you get something like this..


After I had placed all my flowers I decided I needed more bling. I ran and got my beads and found some pretty faux pearls, self stick rhinestones, and sparkly beads that would go well with the colors and proceeded to fill in the gaps by hot gluing them onto the letter.



So here is the final result of my crafty efforts..


I think it’s going to look great with a purple tutu!! I can’t wait.

Happy Tuesday.




  1. So cute! Your projects always turn out perfect. LOVE the flower embellishments.

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