Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Guess Who’s Back?

I’m back!! I know, I know. It’s exciting stuff, so we better all just calm down a little bit. I don’t know how much I can handle after being trapped inside for almost 72 hours and counting. I’m pretty sure we just had the blizzard of the decade on Sunday and most of East Central Illinois is still trying to get dug out from under a huge amount of snow. Combine that with sub-zero temps with howling winds and it’s pretty much like living in Siberia for the last few days. …Now I fully understand why the Russians drink so much vodka.  That being said, I haven’t seen any creepy, twin little girls chanting “redrum” down a long hallway yet so I’m quite positive that I’m still fully checked in and in touch with reality.


(mountain of snow in my backyard..the fence behind it is 6 feet tall)

The true reality is that you could trap me in here for a week and I would be just fine. I am such a homebody that I couldn’t care less about getting out and running around. I’ve always said that if I could buy my groceries on Amazon, no one would ever see me again. I’ve recently wrote on Facebook about my new obsession with the reality show Alaska the Last Frontier. Basically I’m just sitting in here pretending that I live in Alaska with the Kilchers and I don’t have to venture out of the house until April.

I just hope we have enough moose meat to last us.

Okay, so maybe I have lost it a little bit.


(snow coming down off my roof)


(getting dug out)


These last few days have giving a great opportunity to get caught up on everything. I’ve cleaned out my bedroom which was looking a little worse for wear after the Christmas craziness. I’ve also cooked quite a bit. This is a recipe I snagged from Pinterest which was delicious!


The original recipe was titled Cauliflower Soup, but I changed a couple things in it and dubbed it Cauliflower-Corn Chowder. If you click on the pic above it will take you to the original recipe from Taste of Home. I basically left out the celery and added about two big handfuls of frozen sweet corn to the pot at the end. Make it their way or my way, but either way it’s delish.

We also did what everyone else and their brother was doing …and that was making snow ice cream.


It’s yummy. I’m not going to bore you with the recipe because all you have to do is type Snow Ice Cream into Google and you’ll get 42 billion hits. So.. good luck with that.

This coming year I will be trying like mad to post at least twice a week, and maybe three times if I can swing it. Thanks for being so patient with me while I took a hiatus over the holidays and as always thanks so much for reading!

Happy Tuesday.


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  1. I was excited to see you posted a blog! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I too enjoy being home and could stay in the house for days on end. I am like my Granny Caudill because she too loved her home. Tell Ben and Chris "HI" for me!