Sunday, November 10, 2013

How an Engineer Peels an Apple

A few weeks ago my Mother's apple tree was going crazy with apples. There were so many that the tree was losing branches that were too weighted down with the apples so they were breaking off. Needless to say about every 3 days or so, I would bring home a 5 gallon bucket of apples.

The deal in my house is that if you want a pie from this Momma, bring me the peeled apples and it shall be done. So a couple years ago my Husband bought a hand crank peeler to make the job easier. Well, this year the handle broke off the peeler and the Hubby wasn't very happy about that.

One Sunday afternoon the Hubby and my son Ben decided to get the peeler out and peel the whole bucket so I could make several pies up. I told them that is fine with me but they better get to peeling cause it was going to take a while. I was in the kitchen doing... something, who knows... and the guys were outside quietly peeling away, when all of the sudden the door whips open and down to the basement they go. Two seconds later here they come back up the stairs with the drill and Ben is laughing hysterically.

At this point I was mildly curious, but not enough to stop whatever it was that I was doing. A few minutes later, when I heard the drill and still the hysterical laughing, I decided it was time to check out just what was going on out there. So here is what happens when you tell an engineer to peel apples....

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.
Happy Sunday.

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