Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Great Smoky Mountains

This last week my family and I have been on vacation to The Smoky Mountains. We’ve had a great time and all the beautiful scenery in the national park has set the stage for some fun photography moments. Here are a few of my guys right next to some rapids in the park..

Adam1 - Copy

Chris1 - CopyBen2 - Copy

B&C2 - Copy

B&C - CopyAdam3 - Copy


We happened to stop at a ranger’s station to get a few maps and we talked to a very nice woman who gave us the idea to go to Grotto Falls. She told us that it’s only about a mile and a half of walking on a trail  to get to the falls, so we thought it sounded like a great idea. Friday morning we set off on the trail and walked….and walked….and walked. It was ALL uphill straight to the falls and was officially the longest mile and a half I have ever walked. I have never been so proud of my two little guys because they  handled it like champs. As you can tell, it was well worth the trek..


We got to walk behind them too..


More falls farther down..


The view looking out..

behindfalls - Copy


I’ll leave you with my favorite photo so far…


So beautiful and peaceful, I may have to frame this one.

I’ll have more pics soon!

Happy Saturday.



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