Wednesday, August 21, 2013

…and so it has begun.

It finally happened today. I knew it was going to, in fact, it’s happened to most of my friends already. I have to admit that I have been a little cocky in the fact that it hadn’t happened to me yet, but today I received my comeuppance.
It all started out so innocent, you see. At approximately 7:47 am we pulled up to the drop off spot in front of my Son’s school. As always, I gently said, “Take your seat belt off and get ready.” He replied, “I did Mom.” As I rolled to a stop, I turn and look over my seat to say, “Have a good day and be a good boy. I love you.” It’s at this point that everyday for the past 3 years I have blown my baby a kiss from the front seat to which he has always replied, “ I will Mom, love you too.” Then he blows the kiss right back and proceeds to walk to the front doors of his school.
Today was different. I blew him a kiss like always and I noticed that he didn’t blow one back. So I did it again. And again. Finally, after looking both ways to make sure no one was watching and turning a very light shade of pink, he blew one back. He blew one back so fast that if I hadn’t been staring him down like a hawk watching it’s prey I probably would have missed it.
Oh be still my aching heart. It has begun. That dreaded part in a Mother’s life when her Son will only kiss her if no one is watching. I laughed when I had friends complain about this in Kindergarten. I chuckled when my friends cried to me in First grade. Second grade was my down fall.
Don’t get me wrong, this child is the most loving, sweet and affectionate boy when we are at home. There are times I actually have to tell him to give me a few minutes because I feel like I have been wallowed to the point of no return. But I have a feeling that my days of getting a kiss before school are coming to an end.
What he doesn’t know is that I’m smart and resourceful and I WILL get my kiss!
Tomorrow I will be waiting.
I will be waiting beside the car before he gets in to head to school. Before I unlock the doors he will be forced to kiss his Mother (with no one watching, I don’t want to scar him.) I feel this is my right, you see. I did not deliver a 9 pound 6 oz. baby into this world to NOT get a kiss every morning. It’s a rule!
..or at least it should be.
Happy Wednesday.

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