Friday, August 23, 2013

A Party Without Cake Is Just A Meeting.

This week I had a major Lucy moment.

Wednesday was my friend Kenzie’s birthday. Kenzie also happens to work for me at my salon along with Lacy, my other hairstylist. On Thursday, when she came to work, she brought in a single plate with a couple of pieces of birthday cake on it  and set it down on the counter. As she set them down she said, “I brought you girls some birthday cake!”  I remarked, “How sweet Kenz, thanks for the cake!”

We worked quite diligently for a couple hours and then I found myself with a few minutes to spare while I waited on my client’s color to finish processing. I walked over to the counter and sat down at the computer to do a little work, answer the phone, and …eat my cake, of course! So there I sat working and eating my piece of cake when I suddenly thought, Ugh, I can’t eat anymore of this icing, it’s just too much. Now this is something I NEVER think so I looked down at the plate to see just how much icing I had left and discovered the reason why I was on icing overload.

I looked at Lacy and yelped out, “OH NO! Lacy, I ate your piece of cake!! I’m so sorry!”

Yep, I wasn’t paying a bit of attention and ate BOTH pieces of cake off the plate. AND to make matters worse, Lacy is expecting a baby so I actually stole food from a pregnant woman.

Needless to say there was about a 30 minute frame of time when we couldn’t get much else done but laugh uncontrollably. I actually laughed so hard that my stomach hurt that night when I went home. I still can’t believe I ate all the cake.

So today is my Hubby’s birthday and it just so happens that my Grandmother made one of her famous Angel Food Cakes for him to enjoy. This cake also happens to be a favorite of Lacy’s ….so I had a plan. I knew Lacy was working at her other job this morning which happens to be at a bank. After I dropped off my Son at school I swung through the bank and made a deposit of Angel Food Cake to Lacy. She was very happy to see the cake while laughing at me actually sliding the cake through the deposit drawer.

I hope I made it up to her, but at least we all enjoyed a good laugh and  I think we all learned a few things during this experience.

1. NEVER put two pieces of cake on ONE plate. One plate = one serving. It’s a rule.

2. Never eat while doing something mindless. You eat mindless too and feel like a glutton.

3. If you’re gonna bring me cake, bring me two pieces. Obviously I feel it’s well deserved.


Happy Friday.




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