Thursday, June 13, 2013

You Need This Stuff!

To say that I am not easily impressed with products in the beauty industry is putting it lightly. Over the last 15 years I’ve heard it all when it comes to marketing some new and unbelievable product. They are going to make your hair thicker, shinier, and longer and your nails will be stronger, healthier and grow faster. I’ll be the first to admit that nine times out of ten they are full of bull hockey. So, you can imagine how excited and happy I am when something really works or impresses me. In fact, I only carry a product in my salon for client purchase if I have actually used it and love it or my clients love it, otherwise I am a very hard sell to new products that make unbelievable claims. I can just imagine my sales rep nodding her head in agreement here!

I am very happy today to be able to share a new product that I really like. It’s new out on the beauty scene and so I grabbed a couple bottles and tried it out myself…


It’s called VinyLux Weekly Nail Polish by Creative Nail Design …the same company that originally brought you Shellac Gel Polish. This stuff is awesome and a great alternative to Shellac. It comes in 62 shades and it’s basically a regular old nail polish, you apply just like normal polish and you let it dry just like normal polish. No curing under a UV or LED light, which is nice and it dries faster than normal polish. You apply two coats of the polish to clean and prepped nails and one coat of the designated top coat. What sets this apart from the other polishes is that it says it stays on one solid week without chipping or peeling. So you know I had to give it a test on my nails to see if it was true.


I am excited to report that it totally worked for me. I applied the lighter blush color and it stayed on my nails for one week. In fact I actually took it off on day 7 and had not even experienced a chip yet. That is saying something because as you’ve probably noticed when reading this blog, I am constantly into something. Dirt, paint, water and that’s not even mentioning what goes on at the salon. I did not baby them when I had this polish on, I went about my normal life and it stayed on. I was impressed to say the least.

This product is marketed as a take home product that you can purchase at most salons or beauty stores and apply yourself, but of course you can also get a professional application at any salon. I would recommend getting it professionally applied the first time to try it out.

VinyLux runs about $10 for each bottle and you must purchase the designated top coat which also runs about $10.

I think this stuff is well worth $20.


I’ve decided you need this stuff..can’t live without it!

If you have any questions about it just email me, I’ll be happy to answer!

Happy Thursday.




  1. I'm sold too Val! Have been searching for polish that stays on. Didn't want to resort to anything more permanent that causes damage to natural nail.

    1. Me too Jeanette. Shellac is nice for once in a while, but it can damage if you wear it too much. This is a wonderful alternative. Love it!