Monday, April 8, 2013

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

We have a drawer full of Reese’s Cups thanks to Easter. They talk to me all day long, begging me to come eat them. So now, I am craving peanut butter and chocolate and desperately trying not to single handedly wipe out my kiddo’s candy stash. It’s torture. So I have decided to  give in to my craving by making these…
DSC_0068 copy
Yes, it’s as good as it looks.
Start by baking your favorite brownie mix according to the directions and let cool completely.
In the meantime, take one 8 ounce brick of cream cheese (room temperature), 1 Cup of peanut butter, 1 Cup of powdered sugar, and one container of Cool Whip (thawed) and beat together until creamy.
Pop this mixture into the fridge for a few minutes. Next, unwrap about 10 miniature peanut butter cups and chop roughly.
For the picture, I did things a little fancy. For real life you can go a little more rustic. Smear the peanut butter mixture over the top of the brownies and sprinkle the chopped peanut butter cups all over the top. Refrigerate for a few minutes and then cut into squares and serve.
It’s delicious, it’s pretty and it may get you the Mother of the Year award. …because you didn’t wipe out your kids candy collection and scar them for life.
Happy Monday.

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