Monday, April 29, 2013

Jamaican Jerk Spare Ribs…. For Cheaters

I’ve probably said it before but it bares repeating that Mondays are a busy afternoon and evening for my family. Almost always, dinner is a crock pot concoction of some kind to ease the craziness of running between extra-curricular activities.  This time of year I love to grill, so this gives me a chance to implement one of my favorite tricks with the slow cooker.
Earlier in the day I took a full slab of spare ribs and rubbed them down with canola oil and seasoning salt. I warmed my gas grill on medium-high heat and placed the whole slab right on the grill. I let the slab sit for about 7 minutes per side or until they had a nice grill char on them.
Meanwhile use a prepared jerk marinade like this one…
or make your own, which I do often and when I do, I use this recipe..
take 1/4 Cup of the marinade and 1 Cup of water and mix together in the bottom of a large crock pot..
Once your ribs are properly seared, place them in the crock pot..
and smother them with more marinade,
reserving about a 1/2 Cup of marinade
Turn the crock pot on low and let simmer away for at least 4 hours.
When you get back and take the lid off, they should look like this…
So now, you’ve got the slow grilled taste of ribs that we all love, that literally fall off the bone, but still have the ease of the good old crock pot.
So simple.
Don’t forget to smother that extra sauce over the ribs before chowing down.
So good.
I hope you try this technique, you’ll never go back to simply grilling ribs ever again.
Happy Monday.

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