Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Death By Dust Bunny

I decided I am going to have a little “get together” on Saturday. It’s actually a Wildtree Tasting Party with my friend Amanda Hart Shoaf and I can’t wait to eat some good food. But I find myself wondering if anyone else is like me and decides to do a complete home remodel 5 days before guests are expected to come through the door. Okay, not a complete remodel, but I did decide on Monday morning to repaint my dining room and touch up my kitchen. Which led to taking everything out of my kitchen, washing and rearranging all the shelves and redoing all the shelving in the dining room….which led to taking down all the curtains because now they don’t match. Which will probably lead to new rugs, but ain’t nobody got time for that. ( Great, now I want some barbeque.)

The sad part about the whole ordeal is that I have repeatedly made fun of my Momma over the years for the exact same thing. I recall many a Christmas when a day before guests were coming over, Mom would put my Sister and I to work cleaning out our closets and cleaning behind the beds. We’ve laughed looking back on that because how many guests have looked behind the host’s beds or in their closets?! ..and if you do look in my closet or behind my bed, I think you deserve whatever you get. Can anyone say “death by dust bunny”?

I think I’ve taken my Mother’s neurosis to a whole new level here. *sigh* I am my Mother’s daughter.

That being said, I have some great results to share.

Here is my new taupe dining room…

dining room1

It’s actually a little more grey that this picture shows.

dining room2

How come you never realize how bad you need to repaint…until you repaint?

After I retouched my kitchen, I did a little project..


I taped off a square and painted it with chalkboard paint.

Then I applied a wall decal that is pretty much the mission statement of my household…


Cute, huh?

I redecorated my shelf too..


then I redecorated my buffet cabinet in the dining room.


I’m going to add some pretty spring flowers to the crystal vase for the party.

Not bad for a days work. Now I need about a 12 hour nap and a bottle of Aleve.

Happy Tuesday.


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