Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birds Can Be So Self Righteous


I’ve had a horrible ADD week.

I haven’t gotten any projects completed because I’ve had a horrible time concentrating. I’d blame it on lack of carbs, since I am limiting them in an effort to fit into my pants after my vacation, but somehow I don’t think it works that way. Today I feel a bit of a cold coming on so I said to myself “screw-it” and started downing carbs like a starved, rabid animal and yet I still found myself standing in the middle of my kitchen,when I should have been cleaning my bathroom, watching Curtis Stone on Rachael Ray and wondering why I didn’t marry a chef…that looks like Curtis Stone…..and talks like Curtis Stone…..that big Australian hunk…..what was I saying again? Oh yeah, it took me all day to get my bathroom clean and I’m not exactly sure why. (note to self: tell best friend that she needs to marry an Australian Chef a.s.a.p..)

Some exciting things are happening around here. The seeds that I planted have popped and are officially seedlings now. The zucchini, basil, and tomatoes are flourishing in the window and if I can keep my boys from digging around and looking for treasure, they have a fair chance of making it to the garden by Mother’s Day.

We also are having a baby.

Not me…the Turtle Dove that made a nest just outside the back door in the planter on the side of the house ….and it laid an egg.

The boys are more excited about this than if I was actually cooking them a sibling. Every 20 minutes someone is opening the back door and checking on the poor bird and the egg. The bird looks at us like, “Can’t a bird get some privacy?” At which point I think to myself, You’ll get some privacy the day I can go to the bathroom and/or bathe without someone coming in to tell me about how they learned to belch the alphabet.

…and who knew birds can be so self righteous?

I’ve decided I am officially blaming my lack of concentration on the weather. It’s been great the last few days which has me daydreaming about how I will arrange my new ceramic pots I bought and planning what flowers will be planted and where. I might even go a little crazy and arrange my patio furniture a little different this Summer…I know, I shouldn’t get too out of control but I love living on the edge.


(this picture has nothing to do with anything I have been talking about, I just find it hilarious.)


I’ve got to get my act together.

I’m at the salon the next couple days and I’ve got to give my clients my complete concentration.

Color, Cuts and Hairstylist Therapy wait for no man.

…and if all else fails, I’ll just start talking about Curtis Stone.

Happy Wednesday.



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  1. You are so, so funny! I feel a little like this at this busy time of the year but mine needs to be multiplied 10 times to begin to equal what you go through in one day. You make my day!