Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three Things I’m loving Right Now…

This is going to be really random so bear with me, but I wanted to share three things with you that I really love right now.
I love this cookbook for several reasons. The first being that it’s absolutely gorgeous, just take a look..
Secondly, I love it because it is arranged in seasons. I often cook by the season so I totally love this way of organizing the recipes in the book.
Thirdly, the recipes are totally scrumptious.
If you love beautiful, tasty, awesome cookbooks…this ones for you!
2. I’m so excited about…
Red hair color is impossible to keep from fading….usually. But if this stuff lives up to the hype, that will no longer be a problem!
The line includes:
Shamp’oil - Concentrated, oil-infused, ZeroSulfate formula maintains vibrancy and replenishes hair’s protective lipid layer to seal the cuticle and help reduce colour bleeding.
                                                            Reflective Conditioner - Gently detangles and restores the hair fiber to intensify light reflection for increased vibrancy and shine.
Illuminating Caring Oil - Helps seal the cuticle to lock in colour pigments and noticeably increases the vibrancy of red and copper shades.
Reflect Inhancer - Colour-depositing conditioning treatments help maintain the vibrancy of red shades between salon visits. When used weekly with Reviving Red Shamp’Oil, haircolour maintains vibrancy for 30 washes.*
This is awesome, exciting news and I can’t wait to use it and see how it works!
3. My favorite commercial..
I want to leave you laughing and this commercial is hilarious. I hope this makes you smile just for a few moments because I think we all know someone just like good old grandpa.

Happy Wednesday!

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