Friday, March 8, 2013

Ruffle Scarf

I’ve been intrigued by all these pretty “ruffle” scarves that I’ve seen on women lately. They are so pretty, but I thought it was something that I couldn’t possible do myself, so I had resigned myself to looking to buy one instead of making one. Then a client of mine came into the salon wearing a pretty, ruffle, brown and blue scarf…and of course she made it herself. She told me how easy it was, so I decided to look into it further. I found a YouTube video that really explained everything very well, so I bought some yard and off I went, crocheting my way to a beautiful, ruffle scarf. 
Here is the fruits of my labor…
Not too bad, huh?!
It’s a little slow going at first, but once I found my rhythm, it was pretty easy, so easy that ANYONE can do it. Seriously.
Here is the video that I found to explain it all..

The yarn that I used is Bernat Twist ‘n Twirl in the color “Circus”
I found mine at Wal-Mart, but you can usually find it anywhere that yarn is sold.
It took me about 3 hours to complete my scarf, but I think it was worth it. I love it so much that I am getting ready to start a new one in black and white!
I hope this shows you how easy this little project really is and I am completely serious when I say..
If I can do it, you can do it!
Happy Friday.

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