Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Lens, New Pictures

A few weeks ago, I ordered a new lens for my camera that my friend Bob convinced me I needed..and by convinced I mean that he really didn’t have to do anything but show me the lens. It is a Sigma 70-300mm macro lens and I really like it. My Hubby took me out strolling for wildlife one Saturday afternoon and it was like Mother nature knew what we were doing because the most gentle snow fall began just as we got to the woods.



These wild turkeys look so pretty wandering out in the field.

red tail hawk

I can’t believe I caught this Red Tailed Hawk at just the right time to get all those pretty colors. I was very happy with this photo.


This photo just means peacefulness to me. I love the little tiny snowflakes dotting the picture.


More Turkeys out in the field.


Now that I’ve shown you all these snowy pictures, I’ll warm you up a little bit since it’s the first day of Spring and all.




Happy Spring!..and Happy Wednesday.



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