Friday, February 15, 2013

Why This Works.

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If you know me as a hair stylist/colorist then you know that I am a pretty conservative stylist/colorist. It’s no secret that I am not a big fan of all the crazy, bright hair color that you see today.
I take that back.  I usually think there is a window that those colors are acceptable and that window is between the ages of 20 to about 25.  To me, there is nothing worse than seeing someone with funky hair color that can’t really pull it off. You have to have the “look” and the style to pull it off properly. There are very few exceptions in my opinion, but I am about to share with you one of those rare exceptions.
This is Jonna.
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Jonna is a client of mine that pretty much lets me do what I want..and of course I love her for it. 
I didn’t start out with a plan for purple hair on her head but it sort of just sprang up on me the last time I colored her hair. She sat in my chair and said the beloved words, “ I want something different, do whatever.” The stipulation she gave me was that she wanted some black in there somewhere. So I devised a plan in my head to do mostly black with a splash of funky red/violet color on the top. After I rinsed and dried her hair, I was …..disappointed. It was anti-climatic to see this red/violet color when in my head I was seeing something much more funky for her. So, I said, “ You gotta be anywhere?” She replied, “Nope.” And off I was mixing up a bright purple to smear over that “so-so” red color. 
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It turned out awesome and this time when she came in for a touch up, we both knew exactly what we were expecting.
I deem her hair style a “classy-funk" and this is
why it works
Jonna is what I call a classy person. She dresses well and is stylish. She would also roll her eyes right now at my description of her.
Jonna also has a funky side. She has a Harley Davidson and likes to have fun.
This hair color works so well for her because it showcases both of those sides of her personality.
The cut is very flattering and frames her face well, which gives it a very feminine look,but it has a spiky “punk” element in the crown which is what gives it depth of style. Great style is about balance and this cut has both spiky (hard) and fringe (soft) elements. It has balance.
Jonna has wonderful coloring to be able to pull off black hair color. Not very many people have this nor can properly pull of true black hair color. Her dark eyes and skin tone make this color work and actually is the base or “normal” part of her hair color. On most people, black would be the funkiest part of their hair color, but not on Jonna because it looks natural on her.
The purple works to bring out the funky part of her personality but also works in this style for two reasons.
1. It’s not contrasting the black hair color, it’s complimenting it. This make a huge difference in just how “funky” it comes across. In fact, in a dark room, you may not even notice she has purple in her hair, but catch her in the sun and it’s a different story. This makes her purple hair just a little bit more “acceptable” rather than just a weird pop of color.
2. Placement is the key. She has one big pop of purple that is just off center of her head and located in her part. In fact, if you look at her from the right side of her head, you would barely see the purple, like in the picture below..
 DSC_0188 copy
Also, it’s not running through her whole head but it’s not so little of a section that you don’t notice it. Once again, it’s a great balance.
So here are my rules for funky, bright color.
1. Know your limits. Know your personality and know if you can truly pull off something so fun and adventurous.  ….aanndd if you’re not sure, ask your stylist! You pay them good money for their opinion so utilize it.
2. Balance. If you have a sweet, cute little bob, chances are that running pink streaks through it might look a little strange. Get a style that will compliment those creative highlights.
3. Placement. Don’t color your whole head cobalt blue. Just don’t do it. A fun pop of color is much more flattering and impressive than a whole head of crazy bright hair that would make grandma’s eyes roll and pray for your soul on Sunday. You want people to say, “Look, she has some blue in her hair, isn’t it cool?!” not “Look, she looks like a Smurf puked on her head.”
Did I go too far with that one? Oh well, you get my drift.
I hope you like my version of “classy-funk”, it was so much fun to do and thank you Jonna for reluctantly letting me take your picture!
Happy Friday.

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