Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Pictures

I just love to look at nature after a fresh snow. Everything looks different, there is more texture and you notice things that you normally wouldn’t notice when it’s clear and warm. A barn that you have seen a thousand times will look completely different on a cold, snowy day. This afternoon, my Hubby, kids, and I went on a little drive over to our sawmill that just happens to sit on an old military ammunitions depot in Indiana. The depot has been abandoned by the military and given over to the county to develop into an industrial park. Since this land has been untouched for so long, you get to see wonderful wild life and cool old buildings that haven’t been used in years. It’s fun just to drive around and look at everything and I just happened to have my camera ready to capture whatever we would find.
Here is a picture of a door that I thought looked really cool on an old building..
old door
An old World War 2 ammunitions bunker..
There are over 50 of these bunkers on the grounds. It’s really neat to look out over the fields and see bunkers just jutting up out of the ground.
We also saw over 60 deer. I am not exaggerating in the least. I did get some really cool pictures of a few of them..
I tried to follow the buck as much as possible.
We think he was about an 8 pointer, but it was kind of hard to tell.
There he is in the middle of two fine ladies.
We drove around for a while longer and then turned a corner to see over 50 wild turkeys.  We think it was 50. We stopped counting after 50, so who knows for sure.
That was unbelievable. I have never seen so many turkeys in one place at one time. The pictures above are not the same picture. These are separate pictures I took as we drove along, if that gives you some perspective of just how many there were. We could also see quite a few already in the woods. It was shocking.
It was a nice relaxing afternoon with my family.
Happy Saturday.

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