Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birthday Décor Idea

I have been busy decorating for my Son’s birthday party. The little cowboy is turning 4! Oh be still my heart.
Chris Cowboy
I just love that little face.
When I asked him what he wanted to have for his birthday he was quite persistent that he wanted a
1. Horsey Cake
2. Boat
3. Light up pillow pet
4. Balloons
Now, I can make all of those happen, but like most Moms out there I have a little phobia of balloons. I am a little OCD about having loose balloons floating around the house for obvious safety reasons. I usually get a balloon bouquet made which keeps the boys from playing around with them too much and still looks really festive.
I was sitting around thinking of how I can decorate a little bit more festive when I came up with a plan. I spied my big metal lantern on the table and thought back to Christmas when I filled it with ornaments and a light went on in my head. Why not fill it with balloons? So, I started blowing up balloons to about the size of a soft ball and planned on filling the lantern up. Then I remembered I had these…
Battery operated LED lights. They don’t get hot and are perfect for winding around things since they are all wire.
It worked out pretty well I think..
We still have the balloons, but without the dangers of them floating around the house and I made myself a pretty centerpiece at the same time.
My baby loves it and that’s all that matters.
Now, I need to go cry and eat some cake and try to remember why I don’t want another baby.
Happy Tuesday.

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