Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birchbox February 2013

I received my Birchbox for February and here are the contents..
I am changing it up just a little for this review because I have decided that I wanted a better way to express how much I like, or dislike something.  I am going to use the good old fashion grading system to rate the products; A, B, C, D, & F.
A: I love it, I can’t live without it.
B: I like it a lot. It’s a keeper.
C: It’s alright, I can take it or leave it.
D: Blah. I don’t care for it.
F: Hate it.
So without further adieu..
Juicy Couture La La
I really liked the scent of this new fragrance. It’s on the sweet side with notes of honeysuckle and I usually don’t go for that, but it also has notes of sandalwood which I think ground it and that is why I find it appealing.
Grade:  B
Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray
I haven't had the chance to actually use this product yet, but I am going to this morning. It has a wonderful scent that reminded me of lemon drop candy. I shall see if it lives up to thickening and volumizing.
Grade: TBA
Color Club Nail Polish in Mamba
I’ll just say this..who doesn’t like a good red polish? I will wear it on my toes and it shall be glorious.
Grade: B
Ghirardelli Squares in Caramel
I’ve plowed through enough bags of these that I already knew how delicious they are. I ate my sample right away just to be absolutely sure that they are still as wonderful as I remember. I would hate to lead anyone down the wrong path so for the sake of mankind I gobbled it down. You’re welcome.
Grade: A
twistband headband.
This was a pleasant surprise because I put it in my hair and fully expected it to fall out in a few minutes. It did not fall out, in fact it I almost forgot I had it in because it was so comfortable. It’s a keeper.
Grade: B
Here is more info for you, courtesy of Birchbox..

Happy Thursday.

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