Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Great Cut and Style for White Hair

White hair is really in right now for women. I believe it has to do with the amount of female baby boomers embracing the fact that they are aging and proving that you don’t have to be “old” to have white hair. These women are also disproving the old saying that grey hair makes men look distinguished and women just look old.  In fact my opinion on white hair has absolutely nothing to do with age and everything to do with style.
Anyone can carry off white hair and I don’t care if you’re 20 or you’re 70. It’s not going to make anyone look old if they have the right cut and style and I am about to share with you one of those styles.
Stacked Bob 1
This is a client of mine that has beautiful white hair. This “Stacked Bob” is a timeless cut that never goes out of style. I love this style for white hair because it really let’s the hair reflect the light and show how shiny and healthy it can be. I hear so many complaints from women with white or silver hair that they think their hair looks dingy and drab. That is usually because the cut and style isn’t allowing proper light reflection off of the hair.  This cut however, does just that.
Stacked Bob 2
This cut is super easy to care for and very easy to style. In fact, I only used a blow dryer and a little volumizing gel to style her hair, no irons or brushes. It’s definitely one of my favorites and can be worn by just about anyone at any age.
I hope this proves just how stylish white hair can be.
Happy Saturday.


  1. OK, now what about curly grey/silver/white hair?????
    I will show you a picture of it flat-ironed. It takes too long!

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