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Wild About Wildtree

I was recently sent some very interesting products to try out. The products are called Wildtree, ever heard of it? Well, I hadn’t either until a friend of mine on facebook started posting and talking about it. It seems I have been missing out on something here and maybe you have too.
To explain exactly what Wildtree is, I am going to use their own words from their website because, well, they said it better than I can…

The Wildtree Story

Until the mid 90's, Leslie Montie never dreamed she would become the founder of a company that helps families from coast to coast enjoy great tasting and nutritious meals that can be prepared in minutes. When Leslie discovered that her two young children had medical conditions requiring special dietary restrictions, she began her search for healthy alternatives. "It was amazing how this impacted our entire family." recalls Leslie. "I needed to come up with meals that my children would not react to, yet still enjoy. And since I was a full-time working mom, they had to be easy to make."
Leslie sought the help of her parents, Frank and Judy. As concerned parents and grandparents, they immediately began experimenting with new ways to flavor and prepare foods. "It was really a hit and miss sort of process and we came up with some great ideas." says Leslie. "I remember thinking that others could benefit from what we discovered; how to make mealtime an enjoyable and effortless experience, dietary restrictions or not!" Leslie's sincere desire to help others was the inspiration that led her to found Wildtree in 1996."
Leslie and her mom, Judy, began by selling their specialty blends at local cooking fairs. They were overwhelmed by the reception and quickly gained a loyal following. When an enthusiastic customer asked Leslie if she had considered selling through home parties, she loved the idea! "I held my first party a few weeks later and knew it was the ideal way to bring our products directly to families." The combination of Leslie's natural marketing ability, Judy's talent for product development, and Frank's manufacturing expertise was powerful. In 1999 Wildtree, was officially launched as a party plan company and gained local acclaim.
Well, let me first say that they have long surpassed local acclaim and have moved on to national acclaim. This family-run company is noted for their great tasting, certified organic and allergen free food, oils,  and mixes…. and I can say great tasting because I have experienced this myself. Once I tasted some of these products I knew I needed to share this information with my readers. I know so many adults and children with food allergies and sensitivities that I felt everyone needed to know about this company. Not only have they done the leg work for you, but they have made it easy to be able to cook for your family using organic, preservative free and allergen free foods. I stress the word easy because if you’ve ever had to deal with a food allergy before, you understand there is nothing easy about it. My children do not have food allergies, but I am always trying to find ways to remove unnecessary preservatives and pre-processed foods from their diet. So, that is why Wildtree intrigued me.
My friend Amanda, who is a consultant for the company, recently sent me three Wildtree products to try out and let her know what I think, so yesterday afternoon I entered my kitchen to discover what Wildtree is all about.
First up…
Alfredo Extraordinaire
The package stated that all I had to do was add 5 TBSP. of Butter to 1/2 Cup of milk and heat until the Butter was melted, then add the alfredo mix and whisk together until the mix was dissolved. You then toss with pasta and add salt to taste. Voila, you have dinner. So, I did just that…
It was wonderful! Seriously. It was very good. The first thing I noticed was when I mixed the alfredo mix into the milk and butter, the aroma that came out was wonderful.  It smelled like I had made it from scratch. I then tossed it with the pasta and soon, I was tasting it. The thing I noticed immediately was the lack of salt. Now, you may think that was a bad thing, but I did not. I added a little salt to the whole mixture and it was just fine. I would much rather add my own salt than use something that has 1,000 mg of sodium in it like some of the grocery store alfredo mixes. Actually, that is the exact reason I never use them!
I had to share the ingredients list because you will be amazed…
Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese (cultured pasteurized milk, salt,
enzymes), Whey, Cream. Sweet Cream,Buttermilk, Salt, Garlic
Powder, Spices, Parmesan Cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, and
enzymes), Dehydrated Parsley, Citric Acid. CONTAINS: Milk
…not one thing in there that you can’t pronounce, huh? That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Bottom line, it was delicious and affordable..there 8.2 oz.  jar serves a family of 4, five times. Not too shabby, I’d say.
Next up…
Smoked Mozzarella & Tomato Blend
This is a mix that you can add to cream cheese to make an instant cheese spread and I think this may have been my favorite thing I tried. I let 4 oz. of cream cheese come to room temperature and then I poured in my mix packet and blended it all together. I then grabbed a piece of celery and took a  Somehow they got that cream cheese to taste exactly like mozzarella, it was so good. It had a smoky flavor with just a hint of sweetness from the tomatoes. Yum! Once again, I feel the need to share the ingredients list…
Ingredients: Dried Tomatoes, Smoked Mozzarella Cheese Powder,
Tomato Powder, Parsley, Natural Butter Flavor, Onion Powder.
That’s it. That is all that is in it. You and I both know that if we were to pick up a mix in the store, it would have eighteen things listed and we wouldn’t know what the heck they were and why they were in there. This stuff is truly delicious and would make a great spread for a veggie pizza, or even a plain old bagel. I will definitely be getting more of this!
Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Mix
The name is right, it is truly heavenly. All I had to do was whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks like this…
and then fold the mix in and refrigerate. That’s it. Easy peazy.
Now, I will say one thing about it, this isn’t super sweet. In fact, I found that I added a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar in it after the initial tasting. But, for me that is fine! Just like salt, I would rather control how much sugar is going in to a recipe than have it already in it, so I was completely fine with that. The next time I make it, I will probably put the sugar straight into the cream while I am whipping it, but this time I added it later and it still turned out just fine.
That being said, I then did something a little fun with it..
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cups
First, take a empty, washed, and dried egg carton and line it with plastic wrap, pushing the plastic down into the egg holes.
Then, take 4 oz. of white chocolate, chopped,
and melt in the microwave. Set it for 30 seconds the first time, stir, and then 10 second intervals there after until it is all melted. Be very careful it doesn’t burn.
Spoon or brush the white chocolate into the egg holes( they should make about 6) bringing it up the sides.
Refrigerate for about 30 minutes. Once it’s set, you can brush more chocolate into the egg holes and re-refrigerate if they need to be thicker.
Once they are set, lift the plastic out of the carton, the chocolate should come with it and peel the plastic away from the chocolate.
Put your mousse in a plastic bag and snip the end off like so…
and pipe it into the white chocolate cup. Then grate some dark chocolate over the whole thing and serve.
These are delicious..and mainly because the mousse is delicious! Keeping with the theme, here is the ingredients for the mousse…
Ingredients: Fruit Fine Sugar, Cocoa, Vanilla Powder
Wow! Three ingredients and that is it! I have to say I am very impressed.
Another thing I am really intrigued about is Wildtree’s freezer meal workshops.
First, you purchase a Wildtree “Bundle”. You can pick from six different bundles, a few are: Sensational Suppers, Simple Gourmet, Not Your Mother’s Crockpot, etc. These bundles run $75. Then, you bring to the workshop your designated “protein” (chicken, beef, whatever) and chopped produce. (The ingredients list is given when you purchase the bundle.) Then you go home with at least 10 freezer meals ready to use at your convenience. Plus, left over Wildtree products to repeat the meals at home. I think this is an awesome idea, especially for busy Moms!
Needless to say, I am highly impressed with Wildtree and everything they have to offer. I urge you to go to my friend Amanda’s website
and check out all Wildtree has to offer. I know that if you have any questions, she will be more than happy to answer you! If you don’t live near Illinois, you can shop directly from her site also. 
I want to stress that I am not being paid by Amanda nor Wildtree to blog or say my opinion here. I tried the products and really liked them and wanted to pass on the info to you. I hope this helps someone with food allergies, or just wanting to feed their family healthy unprocessed food, so please check it out!
Happy Monday.

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