Friday, January 18, 2013


It’s a girls night and I am going to my first slumber party in about 15 years, I think. I am so excited! The only thing is my girlfriends and I joke about how we probably won’t be able to stay awake past 9 o’clock. So, I guess if we all fall asleep, no one is left to freeze my undies, huh?
I am in charge of bringing something sweet, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get us all hopped up on espresso and make Tiramisu. Now there is no excuse for anyone to fall asleep before 9:30.
Since one of my friends has done a fabulous job of losing weight, I decided to make a low-fat version to take tonight. So here is my low-fat Tiramisu…
DSC_0066 - Copy 
1 small package of Sugar Free, Fat Free Instant Pudding Mix in White Chocolate
1 store bought angel food cake
1 package of mini chocolate chips
1 can of Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 Cups of prepared Espresso
1 8 oz. container of whipped topping
chocolate syrup (not pictured)
First up..Mix up your pudding according to package directions, but instead of 2 Cups of milk, only use 1 1/2 Cups of milk.
While that is setting up, I am going to brew my espresso.  You can do this many ways, but I am going to use a French Press.
DSC_0067 - Copy 
Heat up 2 Cups of water in the microwave to almost boiling. (about 3 minutes)
Put two heaping Tablespoons of espresso into the bottom of the French Press..
DSC_0068 - Copy
Then pour the hot water into the French Press and secure the lid..
Let that steep about 10 minutes. In the meantime your pudding should now be set up, so add in your sweetened condensed milk and mix well..
Then add in the whipped topping and fold together..
Now you can “press” your espresso. Press down on the plunger very slowly. The slower the better..
(sorry for the focus problem!)
Now, cut up your angel food cake into strips or cubes..whatever you want.
Pour the espresso into a shallow pan..
and place half the angel food cake cubes in the coffee for a couple seconds on each side..
then place them into the bottom of your serving dish, covering the bottom..
Next, pour some of the pudding mixture over the angel food cake, covering well.
Now throw some chocolate chips on top.
Repeat the layering process again, using the last half of the angel food cake.
Now to make it pretty on top, I drizzled some chocolate syrup in a criss-cross pattern and then ran a knife through it, switching directions to make a pretty pattern..
Then I sprinkled a few more chocolate chips on top for good measure.
There you have it. My low-fat Tiramisu.
Enjoy. I know I will.
Happy Friday.

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