Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Rules

If you read my post on Sunday, you probably took note that I want to lose 20 pounds. Last spring/summer I lost somewhere between 35 – 40 and did pretty well keeping it off. My next goal is 20 pounds and I officially started my weight loss plan yesterday.  Last year, in order to get motivated, I read the book The 17 Day Diet. It was a New York Times Bestseller and I had heard a lot of good about it, so I took the bait and started reading. I decided it seemed easy enough, and so on January 1, 2012, I started my first 17 days.  It was rough, but I made it through and the weight began dropping off.  I went through all 4 phases of the plan and the results were fantastic.
The book is basically a set of rules for every 17 days.  The first 17 days are high in lean protein and low in carbs.  Don’t think Atkins, because it’s way more balanced than that.  The second 17 days, you add more variety of protein, and more complex carbs. The third 17 days, it’s basically the same, you’re adding back more complex carbs and the fourth 17 days is maintenance, or how you are going to eat pretty much the rest of your life.  It’s a wonderful book, written by a doctor, and I highly recommend it!
Now, I am beginning again. I am basically starting over with the first 17 day plan, but this time around I am doing it my way and a little more lenient since I have the bulk of my weight off. I am following a basic set of rules, some that come from the book and some that I am implementing on my own. They are:
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The Rules
1. 8 – 8 oz. glasses of water a day…everyday. No matter what.
2. No more than one cup of coffee a day. (This isn’t so much about weight loss as it is caffeine)
3. No bread. (but just for 17 days..after that it will change.)
4. Nothing “white”. Basically, no potatoes, sugar or high starch foods. No bread or flour, etc.
5. 2 servings of fruit a day, but must be eaten before 2 p.m. *…I’ll explain why in a minute. No bananas or pineapple for this phase either.
6. All the veggies I want, but try to make them low starch. No corn right now. The only allowance I am making is a sweet potatoes and lentils (which are high in protein).
7. Lean meats only.  Poultry, fish & eggs. No limit. (remember this is only for 17 days)
8. 2 servings of dairy a day. I try to make one of those servings yogurt for the probiotics. Not a yogurt fan?..take a probiotic supplement. Dairy must be low fat or lean.
9. Take a multi-vitamin everyday.
10. limit artificial sweeteners, or none if possible.
*The reasoning behind eating the fruit before 2 p.m. is something I found in the book. After 2 p.m. your body’s metabolism starts to slow, preparing you for the long night ahead when you are sleeping. If you are going to eat something higher in sugar and carbs, the best time to eat it is before 2 that way your body has time to process it and it isn’t immediately put into storage as fat.
So, those are the 10 rules I am following. Here is an example of what I ate yesterday…
I egg and 1 egg white, scrambled, yogurt, and cup of coffee.
lentil soup
roasted chicken with carrots and sweet potatoes with an 8 oz. glass of skim milk.
You’ll notice a couple things right away.  One: This diet is designed to take away extra water on your body,so be prepared for a lot of bathroom breaks for the first few days. Two: The first couple of weeks, you’ll drop weight like you never have before. This won’t last, but it’s a great start to your weight loss and keeping you motivated.  This plan is also designed to level out blood glucose, you’ll notice after a while that your energy is more stable through out the whole day instead of getting those ups and downs or the mid afternoon drop off that most people experience. One other thing…you should not be hungry. With the high protein, you will be full a lot longer, and if you are hungry that is a sign you need to eat more protein and veggies. Remember that during this phase, there is no limit on how much of those things you can eat. 
Here is best part of the my personal plan:
From Saturday Dinner to Sunday Dinner…..no diet.  Yep, you have 24 hours off every single week. It’s awesome. You can have carbs, you can eat beef, whatever you want. The only rule that day is, try not to over eat. Keep your servings moderate, but enjoy whatever you want for 24 hours.  Monday morning breakfast…you get back on the wagon.
So there you have it… the first phase of my weight loss plan. If you would like to follow along or have any questions, just ask. I also recommend reading The 17 Day Diet..it will change how you eat forever.
I’ll keep you posted on my weight loss and in 17 days, I’ll introduce the next plan.
Happy Tuesday.


  1. I need a good weight loss plan and this looks doable. I need to get motivated and start on something!!

    1. It is very easy Kari and it keeps me motivated because it's changing, you don't get bored and feel deprived. Good Luck!