Thursday, January 10, 2013

My New Favorite Lip Gloss

For my birthday this year, my sister sent me a headband with a pair of shears on it…it’s pretty cool…and my new favorite box of lip gloss.
fresh, a beauty products company best known for their Brown Sugar Body Polish (it’s awesome) makes these babies. They are called Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment and they rock!
It is so soft and silky that it is just a joy to put it on and the light tint makes you feel like you’re not borrowing your kids Lipsmackers. They smell delicious too. The Tint is very sheer, so you can wear it by itself on a day when you don’t have a lot of makeup on and not feel silly. You can also put on a good lipliner and smear this gloss over it and it looks great. Here are the colors..
From top to bottom: Passion, Coral, Berry, Honey, and Rose. Rose is probably the one I use the most just because it goes with almost every lipliner I have. There is also a clear one that is just called Sugar. They all have an SPF of 15 and they leave your lips feeling so smooth. I love them and highly recommend to everyone, no matter age or climate.
You can go to the fresh website.. for more info, but you can of course purchase them anywhere beauty products are sold, like Sephora. They run about $22.50 and are sold individually (this is a special Christmas gift box), but they are oh, so worth it!
You must have them!
(Neither fresh nor Sephora has paid me to say this, I just love it!)
OH, one more thing that I have to share with you that is totally random and completely unrelated to lipgloss is this…
Isn’t it purty?! This is an egg I pulled out to make egg salad with yesterday and I thought it looked like one of those chocolate candy covered eggs you buy at Easter. So pretty. I buy my eggs from my friend Linda, who raises chickens and sometimes I get the prettiest eggs.  I just had to share. ..I know I’m weird, but I’m fun so it’s okay. Hehe.
Happy Thursday.

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