Friday, January 11, 2013

My New Do

I have been growing out my hair for about 2 years now. It’s hard to believe because at one point I had said to a few clients that I would probably never have long hair again. Then almost a year ago, I had grown my hair to that “awkward” stage and decided I needed to do something to save myself from chopping it all off, so I put in extensions. They lasted about 3 months and then I started slowly taking them out. My husband would freak out and tell me he was taking me to the doctor when he would see a big tuft of hair sitting on the counter in the bathroom, but I assured him is was just an extension that I removed. Oh, the things he has put up with for me.
So, you can imagine my panic when I started really getting frustrated with my hair before the holidays. I was having fantasies about hacking it all off, and heaven help me if I cut a client’s hair into some cute and sassy short style. I knew what the problem was though, I just needed more of a style. My hair had grown and had layers, but it was just laying there, and I was getting very irritated.
Yesterday, when we had some down time, my friend and fellow stylist at my salon, Kenzie, gave me a new hair cut and it saved my life. Okay…maybe not my life, but most of my hair. She did what we hair pros call a Diagonal Forward and layered me up a little and I love it!!  It was just what I needed…
Here is the view from the back…
DSC_0203 copy
It is about 3 or 4 inches shorter in the back now.
Side view…
DSC_0204 copy
I included an arrow to show you the diagonal line of the cut. Kenzie didn’t cut the front of my hair, just blended the back into the sides. You can see this really well when I wear it straight, but I don’t do that a lot.  It’s against my religion. I’m pretty sure.
And the front…
DSC_0221 copy
Pay no attention to the black circles under my eyes.  It’s the lighting. And the angle. And the weather. And the phase of the moon. I’m pretty sure.
Anyhoo, I love love love my new cut…and my Stella and Dot necklace that you can barely see….and my sparkly rope garland hanging behind me that I got at Crate and Barrel….and I obviously love my Christmas décor because I have yet to take it down. (sigh) Maybe someday.
Have A Happy Friday.