Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Thing He’s Cute.


I’m pretty sure my youngest son is going through the terrible two’s.

The problem is that he is almost four.

He’s decided to really express his independence with a little belligerence and quite a few tantrums. So much so, that last Sunday I was ready to call an exorcist because I was pretty sure he was possessed. Today he has done pretty well, but at one point he did decided to teach his big brother a lesson and use his UFC fighting skills on him. This is where he ended up…


I feel like I’m a hockey ref and I should be building a box to send my boys to when they start roughing each other up.

Since he has spent a lot of quality time in time-out lately, I decided I needed to take a picture of him just to prove to him when he’s older that I’m not lying about his demon possession years. I have a really good video of a tantrum in the car too, but I’ll spare you that one.

It isn’t pretty.

He’s just too darn cute sitting there, stewing about his punishment, not feeling the least bit sorry about what he has just done, isn’t he?

..and now that I really look at this picture, I think he’s trying to pull a Shawshank Redemption and dig his way to freedom through the wall.

..and now I think I need to go check my wall and quite possibly get the spackle out.

It’s a good thing he’s cute.


Happy Sunday.



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