Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get Your Book On: Gone Girl & Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Today, I am introducing one of the new things I was talking about back in the “The Year Ahead and Time Management” blog.  This is the first time I will be having a contributor writing a blog post and I am super excited about it.  I recently asked my good friend Sarah to do some book reviews for me and she agreed, so without further adieu, here is the first installment of (hopefully) a regular post called..
Get Your Book On 
By Sarah Nixon
Gone Girl & Let’s Pretend This Never Happened 
Kinda freaking out. Valerie asked me to be a contributing writer to her blog and while immensely flattered, I was hesitant to accept. I haven’t written anything that was meant to be entertaining in years and I’m scared that I will fail miserably. Not like run-of-the-mill fail but like New Coke in the 80’s or Titanic fail. Alas, I’m gonna give it a shot as “try something new” is a staple on my list of resolutions.
Basically, I am going to review some of the latest books I have read to help you all decide what might make a good addition to your reading lists. I have decided to title my column “Get Ur book on” as I am a die-hard Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot fan. Not really, but I know my street cred went way up for a second there.
Anywho, the first book I want to suggest to you is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I recently stumbled across an old NPR article I saved in my favorites file suggesting this book as a hot summer read. Well, true to form, I am a little behind and didn’t get to it until Fall. Okay.....December but better late then never, right?
Gone Girl is a psychological mystery thriller about a woman who goes missing on her five year wedding anniversary. As expected, the husband is the prime suspect and his behavior doesn’t do much to help his case. Flynn does an excellent job making you question just how far someone would go to get what they want and chills you into contemplating the fine line between love and hate. I’ve downloaded Flynn’s other two novels, Dark Places and Sharp Objects and hope to check them out soon as well.
Next up is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson. Lawson is a mom and blogger from Texas and that was basically all I knew about her before I read the book. What I know now after reading the book is that she is laugh-out-loud funny and has had some childhood experiences that only folks who grow up in the middle of nowhere tend to have. I could relate to some of the crazy shenanigans of her father as mine too kept life interesting (like the time he took the dogs for a walk in the woods and saw a momma snapping turtle laying her eggs. When she left, he dug them up and brought them home. He planted them in mom’s flower bed and soon we had us some baby snappers---insert a Yee-haw here!).
Even if you didn’t grow up in the middle of no where I guarantee she will have you in stitches. One warning...if you are easily offended and don’t particularly care for words that start with f and end with uck then I would avoid this one.
Finally, I want to introduce you to a little-known, up-and-coming book series by E.L. James. The first book in the series is titled Fifty Shades of Grey. It is an epic literary masterpiece and the Pulitzer folks probably have James on speed dial. Okay, I’m totally kidding but every once in a while momma likes some smut!
SarahSarah Nixon is a full time Social Worker and Mother and part time blogger (thanks to her friend). She lives in Illinois with her Son, a neurotic cat, Tess and her BOSTON TERRIER, Pheobie.


  1. I think you did great! :-)

  2. I enjoyed your blogging and think you did a wonderful job. Looking forward to your future posts.

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