Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today marks a big giant step for me. I am about to show you something that rarely anyone has seen. Ever. And if they do get a glimpse of it, the body is usually promptly disposed of.
I am about to show you what I look like without any makeup.
My heart is seriously beating about 1000 beats a minutes right now and I’ve almost deleted these pictures about 8 times, but a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do.
I’ve had some people ask me how I apply my eye makeup, so I thought, why not do a tutorial on the old blog. Then, I realized I would have to go sans makeup to do this properly. You can guess how long it took me to work up the courage to do this, so I am hoping you are feeling the love right now.
So, with a deep breath, here goes nothing. Seriously, nothing. Not even lip gloss people!
Here is how I look before I get the chisels and spackling out…
DSC_0002 copy 
My Hubby’s one lucky dude.
Anyhoo, I am about to show you the step by step process of how I apply my eye makeup. This isn’t just about eye makeup though, it’s about the whole area around your eye and how that plays a huge part in how your eye makeup and eyes look in the final outcome.
Now, I am assuming that we are all starting with a clean and moisturized face here. Also, I apply a makeup primer to my face as I think it helps the makeup glide on much smoother. So, go do all that right now if you haven’t done it.
Good girl.
So, I will now apply my foundation and then I will start on my eyes.
First step: Applying concealer over your horrendous under eye circles. Okay, maybe yours aren’t horrendous, but mine are. You know when you’ve been asked how you got your black eye about a thousand times, that you must never ever leave the house without concealer. Ever. Amen.
DSC_0005 copy
You can see here I am applying it with a brush. I usually use my fingers on myself, but when I am applying makeup to someone else, I always use a brush. One tip: I bet you didn’t know there was a difference between concealer for your blemishes and concealer for your eyes. It has to do with consistency. The concealer for your eyes should be light and creamy and blend very easily. If you can’t apply it with a brush, it’s too thick for your eyes. So, I apply the concealer over my dark circles, using one shade lighter than my foundation, and set it with a little bit of powder. Here is the result..
DSC_0007 copy
Now, I am only going to apply eye makeup to the right eye and leave the left eye plain, so you can really see the difference a little bit of makeup, applied the correct way, can make.
Next up, eyebrows. Yep, through my years of being a cosmetologist I have applied makeup to A LOT of women, and one thing they all have in common is they never do anything with their eyebrows! Not a one of them. Oh, they wax and pluck, but they never think about them when applying makeup. This must change ladies!
The eyebrows are the frame to your eye and require your attention just as much as the rest of your eye. If you can imagine a window with old, ratty, molding and then imagine a new window with beautiful white molding around it, you can kind of understand how important your eyebrows are to your eyes. Even if you have dark brows, you can still give them a little help with a clear mascara or brow sealer. It’s important.
So, I here is what I am using..
DSC_0008 copy
Sorme Brow Trio. I love this. I sell it at my salon, because I love it and use it every day. On the right is a wax for sealing down the eyebrows and then you have two different color of powders to choose from. A light brown and dark brown.
I put the wax on first with a little brush that’s included and then I use an angled brush (also included) and apply the powder, following my natural arch. I then brush them down a little to smooth them all out…
DSC_0013 copy
I bet you can now see how important eyebrows are, huh? Makes a huge difference, even if you have dark brows, you can still touch them up a little bit.
Next, I apply a primer to my eye lid.  This is what I use..
Sorme’s Under Shadow. Just a little dab will do ya, as my Grandma says. It gives something for the shadow to adhere to and keeps it from creasing. Wonderful stuff.
Then, I apply a base shadow. I use something that is almost the exact same color as my skin tone, so you really can’t see it, but it’s there. This gives me a “blank canvas” effect for the rest of the shadow. In fact, I have all of that on in the picture above and now I am ready to apply the other shadows.
Here are the colors I am using..
From R to L: Silk (a bronzy color), Bone (this was my base shadow), and Plum.
Now, one rule I always follow when applying shadow is this: Don’t go past the line.
Imagine drawing an imaginary line from the outside corner of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow. I’ve done this in the picture below to demonstrate. My rule is that you should never take eyeliner or eye shadow past that line. Unless, you are doing some crazy fun Halloween or  stage makeup, then there are no rules. But for everyday, this is what I follow.
DSC_0016 copy copy
You will notice in the next picture that I have applied my shadow in a “V” shape. I first applied the bronzy color to my lid (it’s circled) from lash line to crease. Then, I applied the Plum color in the crease and brought it down to meet the corner of my eye, forming a “V” shape. This is marked with the arrows.

DSC_0017 copy copy

Here it is without the arrows..
DSC_0017 copy
I find this is easiest done with an angled brush because it allows you to get sharper edges..
Next is eyeliner. I prefer to use two different eyeliners for my eyes. A pencil for the bottom lash line and a liquid for the top. I find I like it better and I think the liquid is easier to control on the top for me.
So, following the same rule as above, apply your pencil liner on your bottom lash line. When you get to the corner of you eye, you can slightly take the line up, following that imaginary line we talked about earlier. But only take the liner out a tiny bit. You don’t want to look like Cleopatra. I have marked it in the next picture so you can see what I am talking about..
DSC_0018 copy copy
Here it is without the arrows..
DSC_0018 copy
And here we are with the final result..
DSC_0019 copy
Now, it’s time to apply the liquid liner to the top. If you have a hard time with liquid liner, like I hear a lot of women say, then I have a few tips for you.
1. Find a tip you can control. Some women like the “marker” type of a tip, some women prefer a brush. Experiment and find out which one works better for you. I am using a felt tip..
2. Do not get too much product on the applicator. I almost always wipe away a little bit of the liquid off of the tip. It’s just like figuring out how much nail polish you need on the brush when you paint your nails. Once you have it, it’s pretty simple.
3. Break up your application into 3 sections.
DSC_0021 copy copy
Draw from the inside corner of your eye to about a third of the way across and then stop. Remove the tip. Then, draw from the point you just stopped to the two-thirds point across the eye and stop again. Then, from that point draw straight out to meet the bottom liner that you extended slightly and you should make a point. By breaking it up, you are getting more control over the line. If I had just drew a line from one corner to the other and never stopped, it would have looked shaky and squiggly.
Here it is without the lines..
DSC_0024 copy
I also applied my first coat of mascara in the picture above. Your first coat should be very simple. Push the mascara wand as close to the base of your lashes as you can get it and wiggle the wand slightly. That’s it, just let that dry a few minutes. What this does is give your lashes a foundation and provides them with a little lift. It also keeps the ends of your lashes from getting too much mascara on them and getting all clumpy. Once you have let that dry a few minutes, then apply a second coat just like you would traditionally apply mascara, sweeping it from base to tip. I guarantee you will see more volume in your lashes if you follow this method.
This is the point when I was really scared the FedEx man would ring the door bell and I would have to answer the door looking like “Two-Face” off of Batman. I live by Murphy's Law.
I do have one more tip for you..
Get some white eye shadow with a little bit of shimmer to it. It doesn’t matter what brand and it doesn’t have to be expensive for this.
Apply the white shadow to the inside corner of your eye, the outside corner of your eye and just under your brow..
DSC_0025 copy copy
This will make a HUGE difference in opening up your eye and making them seem larger. Just blend in the shadow under your brow a little bit and you're done. Here it is without the arrows..
DSC_0025 copy
I think we can all agree here that a little bit of makeup can go a LONG way in making a difference in your eyes and how they are perceived.
DSC_0031 copy
I also wanted to prove something here…
I look way better with bangs. 
That’s true, but what I really wanted to prove was this..
If I can do this to myself, in my dining room, on a Wednesday morning with a 3 year old running around, imagine what those models in the magazines have done. It’s all FAKE. Every bit of it. Let me be very clear here. I am not telling you not to look your best, I’m a Cosmetologist for crying out loud, but I am telling you not to compare yourself to what you see on the cover of those magazine. They’re “Photoshopped”, taped, fluffed, and have 6 inches of makeup on.
Just be the best YOU that you can be and don’t worry about the rest.
 That’s what beautiful is.
I’ll get off my soap box now.
I hope I gave someone out there a tip or two on applying eye makeup. It’s really simple to get bright, open eyes with the right techniques. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
Here is one more “after” picture just because I have to counter act all the “before” pictures..
DSC_0039 copy\
Happy Wednesday.


  1. You are flipping AMAZING! I want to grow up and be YOU! Your talents are endless and to top it off you share it with all of us. My sister Betsy lives in Louisiana and she read your blog on Wild Tree and said you need to write professionally. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I'm so glad you're my friend!

    1. You're too sweet Susie! Thank you and tell your sister thanks for reading too!