Saturday, January 26, 2013

Craft Dungeon 2

I’ve done a little more work to my craft dungeon in the last few days.
I actually was working on the wrapping station area and came up with a few neat ideas and some ideas I ripped off of Pinterest.
The first idea was this..
Take a 97 cent curtain rod and turn it into this..
It works out great as a wrapping paper holder and I can just roll it right out onto the work surface and cut off what I need to wrap. Perfect! Now I just need to install a couple more for the rest of my wrapping paper.
Then I did this…
Just two peg board hooks and a dowel rod I cut to length and I now have a great place to store my ribbon. Now I have to go round up all the ribbon I have stashed all over so I can have it all in a  central location. Wish me luck.
The next idea was kind of a fluke, but it worked.
I had a plastic shower organizer that was supposed to suction to the wall of the shower. “Supposed to” is the key phrase here, and one day while cleaning the shower I had had enough of it falling off on my head. So, I violently grabbed it up and started to march it to the trash can when I was struck with an idea….
It would make a great little plastic bin for my craft area. It’s now happily holding tape near the wrapping station and it works like a charm.
So here is the wrapping station so far…
It’s looking more like a craft area and less like a dungeon everyday. I have another curtain rod to hang and possible another dowel rod, now that I have gathered my ribbon, but I am well on my way!
This weekend I am tackling the work surface and adding a couple more things to the wrapping area.  Wait until you see what I came up with, I think it’s going to work out great.
Happy Saturday.

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  1. MOVE OVER MARTHA comes Valerie Winland!!!!! I truly believe your blogs are going to lead you to a future in television or writer/contributor in a national newspaper. You are a natural and everything you share is honest, useful and doable. I've personally tried many of your suggestions and have been very pleased with the outcome! Thanks for sharing and keeping us excited about your next adventure! You're the woman!!!!!!