Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Healthy Tip

With one of the worst Flu seasons in about 20 years upon us and the season for citrus in full swing, I thought I would share with you my sweet trick on segmenting oranges and grapefruit.
I learned this a few years ago from watching the food network and used it a ton when my kid were babies. I wanted to get them to eat fresh oranges, but they couldn’t chew up the white pulp and would either scare me half to death and gag or they would just spit it out on the high chair…ugh.  So I started to do this and they loved it. They could eat fresh oranges with abandon and I found myself standing and cutting up oranges as fast as they could eat them. I also eat my grapefruit this way instead of cutting them in half and trying to pry the segments out with a spoon.
Segmenting A Grapefruit
You need a cutting board and a serrated knife. Then cut the ends off the grapefruit so it sits flat on the board like this..
Next, cut down the sides taking off the skin of the grapefruit..

After you take all the peel off, it should look like this..
Now slide your knife in between the membrane (the part the divides the segments) and the segment..
Cut all the way to the middle of the grapefruit and do this to the other side, sliding your knife between the segment and membrane. Then you should be able to drop the segment right out into a bowl..

See. Simple. Go all the way around the grapefruit doing this until your grapefruit looks like this..
All that is left is the pulp. At this point you can use the segments in a salad or recipe.
If you are going to eat them, I squeeze what is left of the grapefruit into the bowl so I get all the juice with it..
And now you have a perfectly segmented grapefruit.
As I said earlier, you can do this with oranges too, it works great. So, go out a eat your citrus so you don’t get this horrible flu, and if you’re sick, please, please, please stay home and don’t spread it around.
Stay healthy!
Happy Saturday.

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