Sunday, December 30, 2012

Planning Ahead..

After Christmas, one of my favorite things to do is to start planning my garden for next Spring. This is usually spurred along because of the arrival of Burpee’s 2013 Plant and Seed Catalogue.  I have already marked some new things to try for this year and cannot wait until it’s time to start planting. Here are some of the awesome new and not so new things that I can’t wait to get my garden-gloved hands on..
The shining glory of the 2013 newbies..

Burpee’s Super Sauce Tomato
In their own words..
It’s SuperSauce! The new tomato superhero. A whole lot bigger, a whole lot better, a roma with aroma. Weighing in at 2-lbs., a whopping 5.5” tall x 5” wide, SuperSauce produces gallons of luscious, seedless sauce from a single plant harvest—one tomato fills an entire sauce jar. Very few people in the gardening world consider a paste tomato for anything other than to make paste or sauce. SuperSauce is extraordinarily delicious and versatile as a salad tomato, as well as having a distinctive quality in that its large segments of fruit often make a shape that is perfect for a meaty and tasty hamburger slice, quite different from the horizontal slice commonly used from a large round tomato.Easy-to-grow, indeterminate, disease-free plants yield a summer long supply of the exquisitely-flavored marinara, tomato gravy or meat sauce plus plenty for slicing and salads.
I cannot wait to get my hands on the seed for these!!
The first ever sweet corn hybrid, bred for container gardens!
The name On Deck says it all. Stalks only get between 4 to 5 feet tall and produce  2 or 3  7” to 8” ears per stalk.  It’s revolutionary space saving gardening at it’s best and it will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.
Peter Piper never picked these babies..
A new Pepper Hybrid that they obviously named after me.  Hot, Sweet Thing is a breed of Cayenne Pepper with one big change. It has no heat.  Yep, they kept all the smoky and sweet flavors of the Cayenne Pepper and took out the heat, so even my Mother will be able to enjoy it. This 30” plant grows bundles of  10 to 12 “ peppers in a multitude of beautiful colors.  I think these will be perfect for pickling also!
The Golden Egg..
I love squash and zucchini and I was very excited to read about this guy.  The Golden Egg Summer Squash is supposed to be the best tasting summer squash out there, not to mention it’s compact, egg-like, shape which makes it perfect for smaller spaces.
So those are the 4 new vegetables that I plan on having make an appearance in my garden this year.  I will be ordering my seed packs soon..yes, even with snow on the ground..but a girl’s gotta be prepared.  Another thing I am excited about is the new raised garden I will be using this year. I actually ordered it last year, but it arrived too late to take advantage of it.  This year it will be front and center and I cannot wait..
and an idea from Pinterest that I will probably be implementing …
I have lots of pallets at my disposal, so why not use them! I think this will be an excellent way to plant my On Deck Sweet Corn.
So there you have it. My plans thus far for my garden this summer.  Oh, it may change by the time Spring gets here, but it is so fun to day dream while the snow is flying. 
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Have A Great Evening.

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  1. I think those tomatoes will work great for a big tomato fight!!