Sunday, December 9, 2012

Great Gift Idea..

I came across this on Amazon and decided to give it a try….
By normal inspection, these seem to be ordinary flameless candles..
You put the batteries in the bottom and turn them on..
But there are definitely some really awesome perks to these babies! 
First, this is a pack of 7 …yes, 7 candles in tapering sizes for easy grouping. 
Second, they smell wonderful.  Some candles that say they are scented just smell weird, but these actually do smell like vanilla.
Third, they come with all the batteries, and they are Duracell, not some cheap knock off brand that lasts 5 minutes.
Last, but most important, they do this..

Completely battery controlled.  That is awesome.  No messing with all the different candles, turning them off one at a time..just push a button and they are on or off.  It’s great. 
Here is what they are..
They run about $50 on and I think I even received free shipping.  I had to share this because I think it is a great gift idea, and a great last minute gift, considering I received them in about 2 days. 
They also come in packs of 4, which run around $30. 
Hope this helps with the shopping!
Have A Great Evening.

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