Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Statement Necklace and Earring Set

I’ve been making some new jewelry for Christmas.  The recipient of this cannot be revealed yet because she doesn’t know she’s getting it and she may be reading this blog right now, but I think this necklace and earring set turned out pretty good..
Now, don’t think I have strung every bead and what not, it was actually a lot easier than it looks..
DSC_0651 copy
For the earrings..You simply start out with a head pin.  If you aren’t familiar with jewelry making jargon, a head pin is this..
You then pick out your beads…mine happen to be shiny, blingy crystal beads (surprise) and thread them onto the head pin in whatever order you prefer. You then snip off any access, leaving enough to form a little loop. 
You then take a split ring.
split rings
open it up and attach your beads and whatever earring hook you prefer. Then close your split ring.
In order to do the intricate work of opening and closing split rings and making loops, you will need to acquire some jewelry tools such as round nose pliers, wire nippers and needle nose pliers.  You can find these in any craft department or store that sells jewelry making supplies and they are relatively cheap.
For the necklace I cheated a little and bought a full pre-assembled piece of a statement necklace because I wanted some bulk without the work..and it happened to be on sale, yippee!
To the left is the 16” chain I bought for the necklace.  I used two split rings to attach the pre-assembled piece to the chain. I decided that I didn’t like the beads with the black cording on them with my design so I removed them and saved them for another project.  Then, I started adding my own beading to the necklace..
I did this by using the same procedure as I used with the earrings.  I threaded beads onto a head pin and nipped off the access and made a loop. I then attached the beads to the chain with another split ring.  I did this several times using several several different designs of beading and ended up with something like this..
Ta Da.  A blingy, fun set that I hope will make someone very happy! 
Have A Great Evening!


  1. So pretty! I really think you are one of Santa's eleves. You are creative, productive, talented, a fantabulous Mommy and always have a smile on your face! Your time management skills are off the chart and you sing like an angel! You make every single person you meet feel special and you bake like a Sweet Genious! I look forward to each of your blogs because they encourage me and remind me that you are a true blessing in my life. (and Ben and Chris too!!)
    You are one amazing friend! :)

  2. You brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much for the kind comments. All those things are wonderful, but the best thing anyone can strive for is to be a blessing to someone. You, my friend, have been a blessing to soo many kids, you surely have a crown of gold waiting for you one day!