Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Gift Box

After I made my jewelry the other day, I woke up and realized that I had nothing to put the jewelry in to give as a gift.  I rummage through my jewelry armoire to see if I had any extra boxes and I did not.  Great, now what is a girl to do?  Then a light bulb went on and I remembered that I pinned something to my craft board on Pinterest that would get me out of this jam.  It was a template for a DIY jewelry gift box. So I clicked my way to the original website and read a little bit more about it and decided that I could do it …I was going to make my own gift box.  So I printed out the template they provided and went to town.  So here is how I took a shoe box to a jewelry box with relatively little trouble..
Triangle Gift Box
I took just a plain old shoe box ..
..and broke it down to lay flat.
I then traced my template onto the flattened cardboard.
Once traced, cut out the newly traced cardboard shape. I found this was easier to do if I got rid of all the excess cardboard around the edges first, then I could go back to do the more precise cutting.
You’ll notice that the template has a bunch of dotted lines.  This marks where the box will bend. For easier assembly, I went ahead and pre-bent those lines..
Once those lines are all bent, you can begin gluing your box together..
Place a bead of glue on the tiny triangles and then fold the sides up to meet..
Hold them together until they set.  I used super glue, so this didn’t take very long at all. Once all the sides are secured then you can fold in the top and it should look something like this..
I decided after I made this box that I wanted it wrapped. I don’t recommend this. I did however get it done and it didn’t turn out too bad..
I copied the template again onto the wrapping paper.
Then I used Mod Podge and glued it onto the box.  This was messy, but once it dried, it looked pretty cute..
I also made some of these boxes out of heavy cardstock.
  I really liked it a lot better and I used tape instead of glue. 
Either way, I think they are pretty cute and something fun to give someone for Christmas!
p.s ..don’t forget to let them know you made it yourself!..
Here is the template ..
feel free to download and start making boxes galore!
Have A Great Evening!


  1. How clever! That is simply adorable and so much love is put into the construction of each box. Move over Martha Stewart......Val has surpassed your creativity and can sing like an angel too! I love your are AMAZING!!!!!!

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