Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birchbox November (Yes, I know I’m A Little Behind)

It’s hurricane Sandy’s fault that I am just now getting to my Birchbox review from November.  I know you’re laughing right now, but it’s kinda true.  My Birchbox was about 10 days later than it normally is and that is because of all the shipping issues from the East Coast.  The other 10 days…well, I’m not quite sure what happened, but the first 10 were definitely Sandy’s fault. 
So, without further delay, let’s begin. 
This month was all about gift giving..imagine that…and when I opened up my box, it had a handy dandy little gift giving idea guide..
..and the pages were very colorful and pretty ..and did not really help me with my gifting issues, but oh well.
See?  Colorful and pretty as promised.  ..and I know you were thinking that no one could help me with my issues, not just gift giving.  ..that’s not very nice, I’m telling Santa. 
So, once I looked through my guide, I noticed another little package tucked inside..
This was inside.  I must say that this was pretty darn good. It was a piece of chocolate with potato chips crushed up in it.  I wasn’t too worried, I have yet to meet any chocolate that I don’t like.  The texture was that of a chocolate bar with toffee or nuts crushed up, but yet had that flavor of potato chips. It was different, but good.  It was also only 60 calories, so that  means I could eat 30 of them, right?  Too bad they only sent me one. *sigh*
Moving on…
Skin Transformer Vanish.  It is supposed to fade dark spots, diminish discoloration, and thwart evil.  Okay, maybe not that last one.  It felt wonderful and disappeared right into the skin, leaving it oh so soft.  ..and kept evil away all day, but that may be just a coincidence.
New Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme.  It isn’t my cup of tea.  Like the name suggests, it smells flowery, and sweet..blah!  It gave me an eye twitch…I’m pretty sure.
In the brown can is Oscar Blandi Texture and Volume Spray.  I tried it and I felt like it dried my hair out.  It seemed to me like a mixture of dry shampoo and hair spray.  It felt horrible on my hair and the fragrance was even worse.  Two thumbs down for this one..sorry Oscar…but on the bright side I always love a good Filet of Oscar, so don’t feel too bad, my man. 

And finally, Stila liquid Luminizer. 
Okay, remember a while back when I said I was a product horder and I need an intervention?  This may prove it. 
I actually have already used this product several times.  In fact, I have some in my make-up drawer right now.  It is awesome!  It is a liquid that is irridesent  and you can put it on anywhere you want a little shimmer or highlight, like the top of cheek bones or under the brow line, bridge of nose, etc.  It is much thinner than a lotion and disappears right into the skin.  Love it. 
I’m kind of worried that Birchbox has actually run out of new things to send me.  Have I actually been through all the possible cosmetics in the world?!  It’s like reaching the end of the internet, I am not sure it’s possible.  So, I guess I’ll see what’s in store for December.  Wish me luck! 
Have a Great evening!

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