Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Day

Tuesday was my youngest son’s preschool Thanksgiving breakfast.  The kids performed the cutest songs and then we had all ate together. It was very nice for all the kids and parents.
When we sat down to our table, the teacher’s had these little booklets entitled “Turkey Tips” displayed in the middle…

When I opened it up, there were tips from the preschoolers on how to cook at turkey, and oh, were there some crazy ideas. Here are four of my favorites…
…I love that this little girl’s family names their turkeys “Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner”. …I just hope they are frozen turkeys and not turkeys that are running around the yard, unknowingly being referred to by their impending deaths.  ..that would just make it cruel.
..1. I didn’t know you could get a turkey at the mall.  2. I didn’t know you could roll a turkey up. & 3. I think he is on to something with the hotdogs and ice cream.

..I think she’s on to something with the gummy bears, dinosaurs and brownies.
This is my little munchkin’s tip.  He’s actually quite accurate for a 3 year old, it surprised me. ..I think he’s on to something with the chocolate brownie ice cream.
Here is the cute program the teachers made.  So creative!
And just when we couldn’t take the suspense any longer, the turkey’s showed up..

and the singing began..
Here they are performing “I’m A Nut”

They all posed for pictures at the end.
And all that singing must have made my baby hungry because he practically licked his plate clean..
I have to say that the teachers are to be commended for all their hard work. It was such a nice program and we are truly lucky to have such wonderful people to teach our children!
Thank you Mrs. J and Mrs. Sandy!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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