Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Integral of X Squared ..and other stuff

My husband had surgery this week and so I have spent quality time in the waiting room contemplating serious things like:
What is the meaning of life?
Is there life on other planets?
Will the next Twilight be as boring as the last one?
How could K Stew have ever cheated on R Pat? (..seriously,what was she thinking?!)
….ya know, the general things we all ponder and want to know.
I also got to snicker and chuckle at my Hubby in his loopy, drugged up state before and after surgery.
Not many of you may know, but when Engineers let their hair down, they get a little crazy…
They throw caution to the wind and start doing higher level math with wild abandon.
It’s pretty scandalous.
My hubby decided to taunt me and make me ask him math questions. 
Hubby: “Wow, whatever they just gave me is making me feel wacky.”
Me: “Really.”
Hubby: “Ask me what the integral  of   X2 is  .”
Me: “No.”
Hubby: “No really, ask me.”
Me: “I don’t wanna.”
Hubby: “No, really, I know it, you should ask me”
Me: *sigh* “Okay, what is the integral of X2   ?”
Hubby : “It’s   1/3 x3   .  See I told ya I would know it.”
Me: “Yep, you did, honey. *eye roll*
I think we can now all agree that my life is an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”.
Then I about hyperventilated later when he got moved into a hospital room and I thought he had really ticked off the Health Care Tech.
Me: “Can I get a chair?”
HTC: “Sure!”
(HTC leaves the room and comes back with a folding chair.)
Hubby looks up and says “ Yeah honey, make the pregnant girl carry the chair.”
Unfortunately it had yet to be determined if the girl was pregnant or not. In fact, I didn’t even notice much of a bump.
I started sweating and I thought he was going to have a really, really rough evening if she wasn’t.
Lucky for him, she looked up and said, “How did you know I was pregnant?”
Hubby: “I just did.”
Evidently morphine makes you psychic.
You learn something new everyday.
On another note, I decided since I was going to have quite a bit of down time on my hands, I would teach myself to crochet. So, I got on Pinterest, looked up How To Crochet, bought some yarn and went crazy.
I started with just a basic, single crochet stitch and started making my loops..
DSC_0032 copy
and before long, I had a scarf..
DSC_0036 copy
I was going to take a picture of myself wearing it, but I found a much cuter model.
I think I’m on a roll and I’m actually contemplating making something else.
We shall see.
Have A Wonderful Evening!

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