Friday, November 2, 2012

Sugar Rush

Well, we successfully made it through another Halloween  …and we only had 3 temper tantrums to speak of.
I couldn’t help it, I got upset whenever we didn’t receive any Reese’s Cups .  I don’t  handle disappointment well.
No really, the total count truly was 3 tantrums with the first, performed by my 3 year old, striking before 2:30p.m. 
Have I mentioned how much I loooove Halloween? 
There is nothing like sugaring your children up, shoving them in a costume, and dragging them in and out of the car numerous times to make your night complete. 
I actually do love to watch how excited my kids get to put on their costumes.  They just can’t wait to pretend they are something else.
This year we have Puff the Magic Dragon and Dirty Harry..
It’s hard to believe these little faces are capable of tantrums right now, huh? 
It baffles the mind.
I went to both of my boys’ class parties and I took my camera..
First Grade..
Ben & Jeremy
This is my son and his buddy Jeremy.  As you can tell, Jeremy has a dental problem.  We are all very concerned that he has purple teeth. He’s asking Santa for some Crest White strips, so all should be corrected soon.
When I first saw this picture all I could think was..
Oh-oh, here she comes -  Watch out boy she'll chew you up
Oh-oh, here she comes - She's a Man-eater
Oh-oh, here she comes -  Watch out boy she'll chew you up…
Now just try to get that song out of your head for the rest of the day. 
You’re welcome.
(Those are some pretty cute “Man-eaters” though.)
This could possibly be the reason for all the kids needing fake teeth..someone was thinking ahead. YIKES!

Here they all are..  19 energetic, overly stimulated, first graders hopped up on sugar.  If that doesn’t say Halloween, what does?
In reality, we had a great party and the kids were all very good!
Next up is Preschool..
thriller copy
we danced..
We sang..
Mummy copy
We made Mummy’s
class pic 2
We had a great time! 
Now that it’s over, I need a nap..
and I am thankful that I have 363 more days to recover.
I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. I'll send you some Reese Cups. : )

  2. Thanks, but I have already scavenged my children's candy and ate all of