Friday, November 16, 2012

Just A Few Things..

1. Tomorrow is “D” day.  I have been training for a 5K for the past couple months and tomorrow morning is the big race. 
…..I am not going to win.
…..I am not going to finish 2nd.
In fact, I have nightmares of finally coming to the finish line and everyone tapping their feet and checking their watches.  All the elderly people have lapped me and just as I finally cross the line, I trip and fall.  ..or cry
..or cry because I fell.  What I’m trying to say is I’m skeeeered.
But I’m keeping in mind the reason why I’m doing this. 
Wait a minute, why am I doing this?
..Oh yeah, we are raising money for the county parks youth programs to help promote healthy lifestyles., I guess I should leave my Snickers bar at home.
2. I read an article about preparing for the race.  It gave me the best advice ever!  It said I should carb up the night before the race.  I am sure they meant for me to eat mashed potatoes and noodles with a side of bread. 
Lesson:  Never give me free license to “carb up”.
3.  I won the lottery.  Well, not really.  But, I purchased an Under Armour beanie to wear for my race to keep my head warm.  When the box finally came, it had 3 beanies in it instead of one. 
…those suckers aren’t cheap, so it’s kinda sorta like winning the lottery.  Bonus:  3 x’s the beanie = 3 x’s the sexy
4. I will be wearing black for the foreseeable future.  I’m in mourning.  Today I learned that Hostess is going out of business, which means no more Twinkies.  I am pretty sure it says in the bible that this is the first sign of Armageddon.  I am devastated and hording Twinkies like nobody’s business. 
…don’t judge me.
I just noticed that in this post I have mentioned Snickers bars, mashed potatoes, noodles, bread, and Twinkies.
I think I am ready for Thanksgiving, or maybe I just need a snack.
Wish me luck tomorrow and I will give a post race update.  ..It will make me look fabulous no matter what happens.
Long Live the Twinkie!

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