Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, this evening’s post is a bust.  I was going to finally give my Birchbox review, but unfortunately I left my camera at my Mother’s, which means I also left my SD card there too….with all my pictures….of my Birchbox  goodies….I think you’re getting my drift here. I also woke up and realized it’s Wednesday evening and I totally skipped Monday’s post, but I have a couple good excuses…
1. I have been decorating like a mad woman. Really, I can prove it..
Here is my tree..
It’s all “Santa Claus” themed.  My boys love it!
Here is my house..
I actually cheated and put up all of those decorations three weeks ago when it was 70 degrees.  But, I had to walk all the way across the yard, bend down and plug them in…it was exhausting.
2. I’ve been trying to come up with unique places to hide “Elf on the Shelf”.  If you haven’t heard about it, here is a link to learn more…   Our elf is named Fred Mistletoe.  He’s ornery.  One morning we found him in the cement mixer of one of the boys’ big Tonka trucks.  This morning we found him like this..
Evidently going on a fast trip to the North Pole really makes a guy hungry!  Wonder where he’ll be in the morning?
3.  Time to brag…I have my Christmas shopping done.  …Until I remember someone I forgot.  But I do have all the “Santa” stuff done for my boys, so that is 90% of the battle.  Something my Hubby found on Etsy that we thought was awesome..
Grandpa Charles makes some awesome hand carved, wooden toys like these..

Our boys are going to love them.  If you have some boys or need some cool gift ideas, check his store out!
4.  Along with decorating my house, I’ve been decorating the salon, practicing for a Christmas Concert with the choir and the Quartet I sing with (which means I am learning around 9 songs at once,yikes!) taking my Hubby to a post-op visit (he’s doing great!), and getting all my recipes ready for a Christmas Cookie bonanza that will be happening sometime in the near future.  ..oh, and throw work in there too. that is how I woke up and it’s Wednesday (I think) …and my house is in disarray  ..and I haven’t ran in a week …and my jeans are going to start shrinking soon. 
So if you see me walking around in sweatpants, covered in glitter, smelling like cookies, wrapping paper stuck in my hair, with a very “froggy” sounding voice…you’ll know why..
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!
No really, it is and I love Christmas!
Have a very enjoyable Wednesday evening.
p.s.  I am also crafting something for my friend’s birthday that is coming up on Friday.  (You know who you are) Can’t wait to share it soon!

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