Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Card

Okay, I decided to go ahead and share my Christmas card photos because …well, I am HORRIBLE at waiting to give presents or surprises.  If I buy a present, I can’t wait until a birthday or Christmas to give it to someone, I just have to take it to them right now.  I am an instant gratification gift giver, and I guess this kinda falls in the same category.  So, if you are going to receive a Christmas card from my family this year and still want to be surprised…look away now.  I also thought that maybe this might give someone out there an idea or two for there own card, so feel free to go crazy and improve upon my idea.  Without further delay..
My sweetness, my joy, my loves.  I haven’t taken the lights off yet.  …just kidding.
DSC_0066 copy
and our family pic.  Here is a collage I designed..
I hope you enjoyed these and if you have an awesome picture, please feel free to share!
Have A Wonderful Sunday,

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