Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Big Blue Ball (a poem)




My name is Grace and I’m 13 months old

I like to smile and giggle and turn on the charm,

It’s a good thing, cause I hardly ever do what I’m told.

I am so happy, my family brought me to the farm!


I’ve now spotted something I want out in the yard,

and I ‘m not waiting on Mommy to get there.

I didn’t realize it would be quite this hard,

walking in grass as fast as my feet dare.




I am hurrying to the blue object I see

my little legs moving so swiftly.

I won’t let them take it away from me,

though they are trying to help me, gently.



I won’t let them though, I’m a little stubborn,

So down I go with the ball.

It’s making me mad that I can’t pick it up,

but I won’t let them help me at all.




I am determined to get it if it takes me all day,

with a scowl and furrowed brow.

I have grass stained knees, a scratch on my cheek,

but not once will I even say “Owe!”



It’s making me mad, this great big ball,

because it won’t stay a bit still.

My Mommy and Aunt keep laughing out loud,

wondering when I’ll get my fill.




I’ll show them, I’ll just keep at it,

I’m never giving in!

I’ve rolled over the top and let out a yell,

but I will get up again!



This great big ball is no match for me

and my incredible determination.

I’ve almost got it! ..oh..wait.. “Yippee!”

Everyone yells in jubilation.




I told you I could! I knew I could do it!

This ball now belongs to me.

See, I don’t do sharing, so don’t take it away,

or you may have to face my fury.


I worked hard for this ball, faced scratches and bumps

and now I have my big blue delight.

Oh wait!..over there…is that pumpkins I see?

I drop my ball.  What ball? …and my feet take flight. 

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