Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make Up Brush Holder

I’m in a organizing frame of mind lately.  I think it comes from the fact that I spent most of the month of October nursing a sick child back to health..and any Mom knows that you don’t get anything else done.  So, my house suffered and now it’s to the point that I might as well just do my “cleaning out” of drawers, cabinets, closets, etc. because it’s a mess anyway.  So, I am going through room by room, and coming up with some new storage ideas along the way.
When you live in a small home you have to come up with lots of storage and organization techniques, but the ones I love the most are the ideas that can be incorporated into my décor. This is what inspired me to come up with a way to store my make up brushes with out it looking like…well…that I was trying to store my make up brushes.  One thing I hate to do in the morning is root around in my make up case for “that one brush” that you need.  IT’s always the last one you find, and now you’ve just spent 3 minutes looking for something inconsequential, meanwhile “The Piddler” (that is the nickname I give my oldest son) is trying his best to not get ready for school.
He has important things to do, you see.
Things like: running on the treadmill, deciding now is the perfect time to finally put together that darn puzzle, building a Lego space shuttle…he’s a busy guy.
So, in order to keep my sanity and get to school on time, I need to be able to see all my brushes at once, grab one, and be done. 
…and now you know if my eye make up is lacking, it’s “The Piddler’s” fault.
My bathroom has light blue walls and is accented with black and white toile.  It also has slate tile, so I wanted to come up with something that blended in.
This is what I came up with…
004 copy
I took a Mason jelly jar and filled it with decorative pebbles that matched my slate, but you could use anything, marbles, sand, little seashells, kitty litter…just kidding…don’t use kitty litter, please.
I grabbed a ring that goes with the lid and hot glued the black and white ribbon on like so..
Just make sure you have even sides of ribbon left..they need to be the same length for the bow.
Then I tied my bow and shoved in my brushes.
Easy Peezy.
I think it looks pretty good with my décor too..
Now, I must go and get my witchy self ready…
I have some First Graders that need my attention for a Halloween Party.
Don’t worry, pictures will follow soon!
Have A Happy Halloween,

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