Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Décor Idea

I came up with this idea the other day when I was in Michael's and saw some cute black pumpkins on sale….
BOO Stacked Pumpkins
I purchased a wooden rod, 3 medium size foam black pumpkins, and a spool of black and white diamond ribbon. 
Then at home, I had a white crayon, a serrated knife, a set of 100 orange lights, and got out my trusty hot glue gun.
I then drew the letters on each pumpkin with the white crayon..
and proceeded to carve the letters out with the serrated knife.
* tip*  Make sure you leave a small piece of foam to connect the middle of the letters to the outside of the letters or you will just end up with a big hole instead of a letter!
I then used the knife and cut the stem off of the pumpkins that had the letter “o” on them.
Next, I scored a few cuts that intersected into the bottom of each pumpkin so that I could shove the rod up through all of them.
After I shoved the rod up through all the pumpkins…
I then hot glued the top of the rod to the upper inside of the “B” pumpkin, right under where the stem is on the outside...

Let that dry completely.   Then, I cut a 1 inch hole in the bottom of all the pumpkins so I could shove the lights through.  I tried to give each pumpkin about a third of the lights, so it was as even as possible, leaving the plug end hanging out the bottom pumpkin.  Then, hot glue the bottom two pumpkins together, top to bottom, and the upper two pumpkins together, top to bottom and let dry completely. (This is why you cut the stems off the bottom two, so that they fit snugly together.)
I also took a little black spray paint and touched up the areas that were carved because the inside of the foam pumpkins are white, so it gave it a more finished look.
Tie a couple cute bows around the pumpkins and shove the remaining wooden rod into the ground, or a pot to stabilize the whole thing.
You should end up with something that looks like this..

But the best part, is at night, it will look like this!…
My kids love this, and if they are big enough, they can even help make it.  I also love the idea of doing your family’s initial, or maybe your kids names..the possibilities are endless.
So, if you decide to make this, I hope you have as much fun as I did!
Have A Happy Tuesday!


  1. That is very nice, I love it!

  2. Love this!!! I saw it when I drove past the other day! Love your boyisms too!!!! Hope you get Chris home soon!!!! Cindi w-learnard