Sunday, October 14, 2012

10 Things I've Learned..

It's been a rather traumatic week in our household. My youngest son has been battling pneumonia and not succeeding very well, so we have had a little mini vacay at the hospital.

There is not a lot to do while you stare at 4 walls all day and watch your child sleep, but I will say it could have been worse. Even though my little guy isn't taking advantage of his in-room PS2, My hubby is a little sore that he didn't get one in his room the last time he was admitted. ....who knew that Call Of Duty can speed healing...he swears it can.

Through my experiences this week I have discovered some new things...about myself and in general...and I thought I would share them with you..

10. I may put off a shower at home sometimes, but when you sit and have to put up with your own grossness, a shower becomes non-negotiable.

9. I've discovered my own natural, glowing beauty and have decided I don't need make-up. ...hehe, my poor, poor hubby.

8. Even when extremely ill, if you tell a male he gets to pee in a jug, he gets a joyous light in his eyes.

7. You can get a smile from an ill little boy, when no one else can, if you tell him :
a) he has stinky toots
b) he eats his boogers
c) the oxygen monitor on his finger looks like blood
Oh, the joy of raising boys.

6. The pediatrics nurses will have a special place in heaven one day....right between Mother Theresa and my Grandfather. (my family is nodding their heads with enthusiasm at that one right now.)

5. P90X is for over achievers. ....seriously. (infomercials are all that is on at 3 am)

4. Target has turkey hats for $2.50. ...I escaped to go get a couple supplies and found the purchase of the century. Let's face it, who doesn't need a turkey hat?

3. I believe I could watch the new Bond movie on mute ....and still thoroughly enjoy it. Gotta love them previews ;)

2. Our Pediatrician is a Rock Star. ..although he should forgo the leather pants because that would just be weird. what I'm trying to say is that he is awesome. ..and so are his staff.

1. How did we ever handle any crisis without Facebook? All the prayers, well wishes, and support have been astounding, humbling, and so, so sweet. Nothing seems to big with great family, friends, and prayer! Big thanks to everyone.

We hope to break outta here soon, so keep us in your prayers!...and don't worry, I was kidding about the make-up thing.
Have A Great Sunday Evening,

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