Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Demolition

Today was a very exciting day in our household.  Any day that an excavator can destroy something and my boys get to watch it happen, is officially labeled an exciting day. I actually had my friend's little boy with me today, and boy did he love it. Ben was mad that he had to go to school and miss the action. Poor Ben.

We had front row seats as the house across the street was razed.

Obviously Lola wasn't as excited about it as the boys were.

What is the only thing that could be more exciting than an excavator tearing something up, I ask you?
A truck and trailer with teeth and an excavator.. it's twice the excitement ..and it's pure boy heaven!

They were so happy that they were was was was 2 and 3 year old mania..and then, like all 2 and 3 year old's ...they were distracted by dinosaurs...

and so the mania came to an end.

One more question...
How do you know you live in a small town?

When the neighbors get their lawn chairs out to watch the action...and sit there for 90% of the day so they don't miss anything. Hey, this is exciting stuff, man!
It's also hilarious..
and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Have A Happy Wednesday!

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  1. So happy the boys enjoyed the demolition, did not know it was across the street from. That was my husband, and as you know they are still little boys except the tonka toys are bigger. lol