Friday, September 7, 2012

Spiders Ruin Everything

This week was hard on this Momma's heart.
My baby officially started Preschool and he was soooo excited to finally get to go to know, because he's obviously waited so many long years.

One thing I was proud of was that I didn't have near the anxiety about my little munchkin starting Preschool like I did when my oldest son started.

I was feeling pretty good about myself when we walked in and I helped him pick out his name tag...

and I had no problem helping him find his "cubby" and put away his book bag...

and it was fun helping him find a fun toy to play with..

but then it was time to leave.

I hovered. I stalled. I kept going back to check and double check.
Finally I said, "Bye baby, Momma's going to get groceries and I'll be back a little later, OK?"
Chris said, "yep" without taking his eyes off the awesome blocks that he found.
I said, "OK, be a good boy, I love you, bye bye."
Chris said, "bye" without taking his eyes off the awesome blocks that he found.
I then smooched his cheek and walked out the door, realizing that I ceased to exist, and he wasn't going to be scarred or upset.

I don't think he noticed

I sat in the car fighting the tears for a few seconds..
and then headed to the store where I wandered aimlessly, like I haven't done since before kids. I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself.

Needless to say, he loved it. The ache in my heart eased a bit when I saw his happy, flushed little face excitedly talking about his first day when I picked him up.
He finally got to go to school.
The only thing that gave him pause was the big spider web that he found on the playground. He assured me that it was properly disposed of by his teacher, so all was right with the world again and playtime resumed without anymore scary spider incidents.

Spiders ruin everything.

I hope you had a great Friday!

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