Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Commercial

I am reminded this week about a commercial that was on T.V. when I was a child.

A woman was sick in bed for a day or two and she is trying to let her hubby know what needed to be done for the kids. Her husband assures her to just rest and he'll take care of everything. In the mean time, she takes some kind of medicine and gets to feeling better. Then, she goes a house that has been utterly destroyed. The kitchen is a mess, toys are everywhere, laundry is piled and then.....the woman just sighs and turns right around and goes back up stairs.

My house isn't as bad as the one on the commercial but I sorta feel like that poor woman as my week is coming to an end.....

My refrigerator is empty of edible food and is now devoted to growing science experiments or the next strain of antibiotics.

My bathroom will probably require a Hasmat suit to enter and clean after 3 men have wreaked havoc on it for a week. I have learned the same 3 men have know idea what Clorox Clean-up Wipes are or how to use them.

And if anyone is thinking about breaking into my house, they have a big, painful surprise due to the random floor plan of army men and hot wheels.

In all honesty, my hubby really doesn't do too bad of a job. He'll load, run, and empty the dishwasher pretty well and in a pinch, he'll throw in some laundry. (Especially, if I am feeling ornery and let him run out of clean underwear just to see what he'll do. - Hey, don't tick me off, it may result in chafing.)

So, I guess what I am telling you is that I haven't had any groceries in the house to be able to share any yummy recipes with you, I haven't made any crafts or organized much of anything, and someone who didn't shower for an undisclosed amount of time probably shouldn't be handing out beauty advice to anyone.

The good news is that I am feeling like myself again, so next week I promise to get back on schedule! I'll be able to blog on my normal schedule, go to the grocery store, cook dinner, clean the bathroom, do the laundry, pick up the toys, and go for that 6:00 am jog with my best friend.
....I think this is the part where I sigh and turn right around and go back up stairs.

Have A Great Saturday!

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