Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Learn To Love It

Back in January I made a resolution to lose weight and get healthy.
I know what you're thinking...
"Didn't we all?"
 But I vowed to stick with it if it killed me..and a couple of times I thought it might.
 Since January 1st, I have lost around 40 pounds and have went down 2 clothing sizes.  I feel better than I have in a long time and I know diet has a lot to do with it, but I have been exercising with more discipline than I have since high school.
I hate to exercise. 
No really, I despise it.
I believe if someone says they love to exercise they are either 1) lying 2) an alien or 3) a lying alien. To me, it's like someone saying, "Man, I loved being in labor for 12 hours and delivering that 10 pound baby. Sign me up again."..you know they have a wire crossed somewhere. That being said, I like to fit into my jeans and since I love to eat, I have to learn to love to exercise. I thought maybe if you're like me and love to hate to exercise, then maybe my journey might help you out a little.  Here are a couple of the things I do to try and enjoy working out....if that's possible.

 I love Tennis.  I love everything about it. I forget how much I love it if I haven't played for a while, but last night I returned after a few weeks off...it was great. Because of Tennis, I feel like I found a part of myself that I had forgotten about...I am an athlete and always will be. I played Volleyball and Basketball religiously all the way through school.  I loved playing sports and wasn't too bad at it either. But then, as it always does, life moves on and you graduate and go about your life. You don't get many chances to play Volleyball or Basketball after you're done with school, so I lost the part of myself that craved competition.

I got my son involved in a pee-wee Tennis clinic one winter and his instructor convinced my hubby and I to take a beginners course so, if nothing else, we would know the basics to help him.  Needless to say, I was hooked after the first class.  Since then, I have played on leagues and almost always do a "drills clinic" once a week. 

It's great because I exercise without thinking I am exercising. I am so focused on the sport itself that I forget  I am running around like a mad woman for most of the evening. I also forget how sore I get when I haven't played Tennis for a few weeks. Today, I was the weirdo in the grocery store, moaning while I pushed my cart. I vow, for the sake of my back muscles, right shoulder and inner thighs (which I find confusing) that I won't go that long without playing again. Amen.

So, I guess my first piece of advise is to find something fun, like a sport you enjoy to play, and go do it. Get involved with a group that likes to do it also, because if you aren't showing up, they are going to ask you why and where you've been...and then you will have to admit you've been at home on the couch watching American Idol and eating a bag of Doritoes instead of showing up to play...and that can get embarrassing...trust me.

I have also been running, about 3 days a week, in the mornings with my best friend. Since neither one of us had been doing much running, we decided to ease into it with a Couch to 5K program.  If you've never heard of it, it's a program that over the course of about 9 weeks, has you running a full 5K in about 25 minutes. It is actually pretty interesting because every week your workout is different so you never really get bored. It's also really good for people with joint issues because it's so gradual.

My BF and I catch up on our lives during the walking portions of the workout and end up laughing through some of the running portions, so the whole 30 minutes is over pretty quickly. It's not quite the torture I envisioned, so we have stuck with it pretty well.  If you would like to learn more about Couch to 5K just click on the picture below and it will take you to the same program that we have been doing.

I guess what I am trying to say with this is to find a friend to workout with and hold you accountable.  It also makes the time go by faster.  ...And if you're like me, you get to pretend you're Jillian Micheals and yell at your peon trainee to quit their pansy whining and start running.  ...In case you're wondering, my BF LOVES it when I do this.  A program that has defined workouts with a goal at the end works well for me, too.  I don't get bored and have a sense of accomplishment when I reach my goal.

So, maybe the few things I've learned about exercise will help you or inspire you...I hope. Or maybe you just get a good laugh at envisioning me yelling at my friend or walking around the grocery store like I just jumped off of my loyal steed after a day long ride. Whatever works for you.

Have A Happy Wednesday!


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