Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gilded White Pumpkin Centerpiece

I've had this idea rummaging around in my head for a few weeks.  ...I know, scary.  Actually, I've had a couple ideas, but I will share the first one with you today.  One of two things usually happens when I have an idea. 
1.  I make it happen and it's glorious.
2.  I crash and burn and never tell anyone it ever happened.  Unless my sister witnesses my failure.  Which results in many years of family get togethers where she will bring up the "Christmas Cookie Incident" and never let me live it down.
No wonder I need therapy.
I think it goes without saying that I've learned the hard way to do my experiments when I am alone.

My first idea is this..

Gilded White Pumpkin Centerpiece
This is so simple and easy to make and looks pretty cool if I do say so myself.
I purchased some foam white pumpkins from Micheal's, but you could use real white pumpkins if you wanted to.  I just like the fact that my creation will last forever so I used the foam pumpkins.
I also purchased a can of gold spray paint and I ripped off a leaf from one of my autumn garlands that I usually put out to decorate.  Once again, you could use a real leaf, if you can find one perfect enough, but I was in a hurry and didn't have time to commune with nature.

You then, start from the top of the pumpkin and lay your leaf down and hold it there with one hand.  With the other hand you want to spray the paint at the leaf in short bursts. 
A couple tips:
-You may want to wear a glove or you will have a gold hand.
(I learned this the hard way...but I did feel like a Bond girl for a few hours, until it started to flake off.  Then it was just gross.)
-You want to start at the top and work your way to the bottom or you may smudge your paint.
-Like I said above, spray the leaf, not the pumpkin.  This will give you the stencil effect you want.
Let the pumpkin dry thoroughly and then you will have something like this..
I did two more because I am using them as centerpieces for a party..
I think these turned out pretty well. I also think they would look cute in all kinds of different colors too. 
I hope you enjoy this idea and make it your own!
Have A Happy Wednesday!

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